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Investigation on mineral composition of freshwater crab (Paratelphusa lamellifrons) of Padma River near Rajshahi City, Bangladesh
Investigation of mineral composition of the freshwater crab Paratelphusa lamellifrons from the river Padma near Rajshahi city of Bangladesh finds that the different body parts contents higher amount of P, Ca and K than Fe and Cu.
Artificial insemination and early embryonic development of the mangrove crab Perisesarma bidens (De Haan) (Crustacea: Brachyura).
This is the first report of early embryonic development from fertilization to larval hatching of P bidens by artificial insemination.
A bibliometric analysis of socially responsible investment sukuk literature
Despite the impressive growth of socially responsible investment (SRI) Sukuk (Islamic bond) over the last five years, a handful of comprehensive research is documented in literature. Hence, the aim
Embryonic developmental ecology of freshwater snail Lymnaea acuminata (Lymnaeidae: Gastropoda).
The egg type of Lymnaea acuminata was determined as iso-lecithal and the cleavage is spirally holoblastic type and the developing embryos attained the trochophore stage and the miniature snail possessed all the structures found in a newly hatched individual.
Status of conservation agriculture based tillage technology for crop production in Bangladesh
Conservation agriculture (CA) based tillage technology permits direct seeding through the moderate level of crop residue. CIMMYT introduced this technology in the farmers’ field of Bangladesh for
Travel motivation among cross border tourists: Case study of Langkawi
Socially responsible investment sukuk (Islamic bond) development in Malaysia
Purpose - This study aims to explore the underlying issues related to the development of socially responsible investment (SRI) sukuk in Malaysia. It identifies factors attracting investors and