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Isolation of Endophytic Streptomyces Strains from Surface-Sterilized Roots
When the roots of 28 plant species were surface sterilized and incubated on agar medium, endophytic actinomycetes in the root cortex were observed by direct microscopic observation and pure cultureExpand
Effect of cooking on the anthocyanins, phenolic acids, glycoalkaloids, and resistant starch content in two pigmented cultivars of Solanum tuberosum L.
HPLC/DAD/MS analysis of the phenolic acids and anthocyanin content of three cultivars of Solanum tuberosum L. (Vitelotte Noire, Highland Burgundy Red, with pigmented flesh, and Kennebec with whiteExpand
Isolation of endophytic fungi and Actinomycetes taxane producers.
In both populations, the production of taxanes was quantitatively low and only in few cases reached the 50-100 ng per litre and the capability to produce taxanes seems not to be related to the geographical origin of isolation sources of the fungal taxon but with a particular tree from which the fungus was isolates. Expand
Colonization of lettuce rhizosphere and roots by tagged Streptomyces
The re-isolation from the rhizosphere and the inner tissues of surface-sterilized lettuce roots demonstrated that t-ZEA17I is both rhizospheric and endophytic. Expand
Histological studies on the mycoparasitism of Cladosporium tenuissimum on urediniospores of Uromyces appendiculatus.
Interactions between the mycoparasite Cladosporium tenuissimum and the bean rust Uromyces appendiculatus were studied through light and electron microscopy in vitro at the host-parasite interface, providing additional observations on a genus besides Melampsora and Cronartium. Expand
Morphological, physiological and genetic diversity within a small population of Cercospora beticola Sacc.
A wide variability was observed among 10 Cercospora beticola Sacc. field isolates collected from a single lesion. The level of genetic diversity in this small population was surprisingly high inExpand
Selection of Streptomyces against soil borne fungal pathogens by a standardized dual culture assay and evaluation of their effects on seed germination and plant growth
The adapted dual culture assay allowed us to compare the inhibition of individual Streptomyces strains against six fungal soil borne pathogens and found the best selected strains were able to colonize the four vegetable crops and have a potential to be developed into biocontrol products. Expand
Studies on a strain of Kitasatospora sp. paclitaxel producer
The strain P&U 22869, which produces paclitaxel and related taxanes, discovered during the course of endophytic actinomycetes screening on Taxus baccata plants, was classified as Kitasatospora sp. onExpand
Climate variations and phenological stages modulate ozone damages in field-grown wheat. A three-year study with eight modern cultivars in Po Valley (Northern Italy)
Abstract A three-year field study of leaf symptoms on eight wheat cultivars was carried out in Po Valley (Northern Italy). The survey aimed at showing a possible relationship between climateExpand