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KDD, SEMMA and CRISP-DM: a parallel overview
In the last years there has been a huge growth and consolidation of the Data Mining field. Expand
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UNB Neutral Atmosphere Models : Development and Performance
Several hybrid neutral atmosphere delay models have been developed by UNB researchers over the past decade or so. The most widely applicable current version is UNB3, which uses the SaastamoinenExpand
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Combining ability of inbred lines of maize and stability of their respective single-crosses
The utilization of diallel crosses for identification of superior combinations is a common practice in maize (Zea mays L.) breeding programs. This methodology allows the estimation of the combiningExpand
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Pentoses and Hydroxycinnamic Acids in Brewer's Spent Grain
In this work, the total pentose (xylose and arabinose) and hydroxycinnamic acid (ferulic and p -coumaric acids) in eight lots of brewer's spent grain preserved by different methods (freeze-drying,Expand
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Efeito do cozimento sobre alguns fatores antinutricionais em folhas de brócoli, couve- flor e couve
Os residuos vegetais desprezados pela industria e durante o preparo dos alimentos poderiam ser utilizados como fontes alternativas de nutrientes contribuindo para o enriquecimento da dieta dasExpand
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It has long been unclear whether the different derived cranial traits of modern humans evolved independently in response to separate selection pressures or whether they resulted from the inherentExpand
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Group A rotavirus detection on environmental surfaces in a hospital intensive care unit.
BACKGROUND Environmental surfaces can play a role in the spread of pathogens, such as enteric viruses, within a hospital. This study assessed the level of contamination of group A rotavirus (RV-A) onExpand
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Managing Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy using Data Mining
When a woman aims to terminate an unplanned pregnancy, she must go to a specialized healthcare unit, such as J ulio Dinis Maternity Hospital. In this unit, the procedures of voluntary interruption ofExpand
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Design of Analog Circuits through Symbolic Analysis
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