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Correlation between cytogenetic and molecular analysis of t(14;18) in follicular lymphomas.
A comparison between cytogenetic and molecular results of t(14;18) has been performed in 12 patients with follicular lymphomas: five nodular and seven diffuse. Ten cases showed cytogeneticExpand
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Zellweger Syndrome Amniocytes: Morphological Appearance and a Simple Sedimentation Method for Prenatal Diagnosis
ABSTRACT: Zellweger syndrome is the prototype of a growing group of genetic diseases caused by an absence or deficiency of peroxisomes. The defect causes the enzyme catalase to remain in the cytosolExpand
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A multiparametric study of malignant lymphoma of mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT).
A morphological, immunophenotypic and ultrastructural study, cell cycle estimation, DNA and cytogenetic analysis were performed in ten cases of B-MALT lymphomas. Five had low grade lymphoma and fiveExpand
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Real-time prediction of organ failure and outcome in intensive medicine
This paper presents the INTCare system, an Intelligent Decision Support System for intensive medicine, with real-time data, gathered in the Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Geral de Santo António, Oporto, Portugal. Expand
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Conversion of free fatty acids to triglycerides. Determination in obstructive vs hepatocellular jaundice, and cirrhosis.
A group of 50 hospitalized patients with and without liver disease was given albuminbound (1- 14 C) palmitic acid intravenously. They were then compared in terms of the amount of total plasmaExpand
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Improving Quality of Electronic Health Records with SNOMED
Abstract The use of classifications, standards and terminology proves to be of particular importance to classify therapist techniques, clinical and nursing procedures and formulate diagnoses. ThisExpand
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[Studies about the presence of antibiotics in plants].
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