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Calculation for physical and chemical exergy of flows in systems elaborating mixed-phase flows and a case study in an IRSOFC plant
The paper deals with the calculation of physical and chemical exergy of flows in systems elaborating mixed-phase flows, such as steam methane reforming and coal gasification systems. The flowsExpand
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Whey starter for Grana Padano cheese: effect of technological parameters on viability and composition of the microbial community.
This work aimed to investigate the effects of thermal treatments and yeast extract addition on the composition of the microbial community of natural whey starters for Grana Padano cheese. DifferentExpand
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Small-Scale Biogas-SOFC Plant: Technical Analysis and Assessment of Different Fuel Reforming Options
This paper investigates simulation results of the thermodynamic performance of a 25 kWel small-scale solid oxide fuel cell model fuelled with biogas. Hereby, biogas is produced from a predefinedExpand
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Solar-assisted integrated biogas solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) installation in wastewater treatment plant: Energy and economic analysis
A unique cogeneration system integrating a biogas fed Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and a Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) system for a reference Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Italy isExpand
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Multi-objective optimization of a novel syngas fed SOFC power plant using a downdraft gasifier
Abstract A syngas fed SOFC cogeneration system using a downdraft gasifier is modeled and optimized from the viewpoints of thermodynamics and thermoeconomics. A multi-objective optimization methodExpand
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Assessment of kinetic model for ceria oxidation for chemical-looping CO2 dissociation
Abstract Chemical looping technologies are identified as to have an excellent potential for CO2 capture and fuels synthesis. Oxygen carriers are the fundamental component of a chemical loopingExpand
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Mathematical optimization of a RES-H2 plant using a black box algorithm
The paper deals with the description of the procedure of mathematical optimization of a model of stand-alone energy system based only on renewable source (solar irradiance and micro-hydro power)Expand
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A comparative study of two SOFC based cogeneration systems fed by municipal solid waste by means of either the gasifier or digester
Two new cogeneration systems (producing power and heating) based on solid oxide fuel cell fed by either the syngas or biogas are proposed. The performance of systems is analyzed and compared with oneExpand
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Trace compounds impact on SOFC performance: Experimental and modelling approach
Abstract Issues related to SOFCs performance and durability are strictly dependent on the feeding fuel quality. SOFC capability to be fed with fuels different from hydrogen opens to scenarios inExpand
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