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A tutorial on onset detection in music signals
Note onset detection and localization is useful in a number of analysis and indexing techniques for musical signals. The usual way to detect onsets is to look for "transient" regions in the signal, aExpand
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Automatic Tagging Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
We present a content-based automatic music tagging algorithm using fully convolutional neural networks (FCNs). We evaluate different architectures consisting of 2D convolutional layers andExpand
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The Music Ontology
In this paper, we overview some Semantic Web technologies and describe the Music Ontology: a formal framework for dealing with music-related information on the Semantic Web, including editorial,Expand
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Structural Segmentation of Musical Audio by Constrained Clustering
  • M. Levy, M. Sandler
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language…
  • 1 February 2008
We describe a method of segmenting musical audio into structural sections based on a hierarchical labeling of spectral features. Frames of audio are first labeled as belonging to one of a number ofExpand
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Sonic visualiser: an open source application for viewing, analysing, and annotating music audio files
Sonic Visualiser is a friendly and flexible end-user desktop application for analysis, visualisation, and annotation of music audio files. Its stated goal is to be "the first program you reach forExpand
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Automatic Chord Identifcation using a Quantised Chromagram
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Symbolic Representation of Musical Chords: A Proposed Syntax for Text Annotations
In this paper we propose a text represention for musical chord symbols that is simple and intuitive for musically trained individuals to write and understand, yet highly structured and unambiguous toExpand
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Transfer Learning for Music Classification and Regression Tasks
In this paper, we present a transfer learning approach for music classification and regression tasks. We propose to use a pre-trained convnet feature, a concatenated feature vector using theExpand
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On the use of phase and energy for musical onset detection in the complex domain
We present a study on the combined use of energy and phase information for the detection of onsets in musical signals. The resulting method improves upon both energy-based and phase-based approaches.Expand
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The Sonic Visualiser: A Visualisation Platform for Semantic Descriptors from Musical Signals
Sonic Visualiser is the name for an implementation of a system to assist study and comprehension of the contents of audio data, particularly of musical recordings. It is a C++ application with a Qt4Expand
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