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Pregnant Women's Attitudes and Knowledge in Relation to Access to Serum-Alpha-Fetoprotein Test
Serum-Alpha-Fetoprotein (se-AFP) screening is a controversial issue in Sweden. In some areas the test has never been offered, in others it is routinely offered to all pregnant women and there areExpand
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Pregnant Women's Attitudes for Accepting or Declining a Serum-Alpha-Fetoprotein Test
This study analyzes attitudes which influence women in their decisions to accept or decline a serum-Alpha-FetoProtein (se-AFP) test. The survey covers all women who have visited antenatal clinicsExpand
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Midwives' Knowledge of the α-Fetoprotein Test
In a survey of antenatal clinics which offer the α-fetoprotein (AFP) test and together deal with approximately 25% of the births in Sweden, midwives were asked about their knowledge of prenatalExpand
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E-commerce sector inquiry
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Democracy, Citizenship and Universities
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Language and Knowledge in the Modern Society
Language is not only our most important means for presenting ideas, values, and norms. It also shapes the way individuals view the world. Knowledge as a concept is positively loaded. Politicians areExpand