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Faster adjustment of O2 delivery does not affect V(O2) on-kinetics in isolated in situ canine muscle.
In the present experimental model, elimination of any delay in O2 delivery during the rest-to-contraction transition did not affect muscle V(O2) kinetics, which suggests that this kinetics was mainly set by an intrinsic inertia of oxidative metabolism.
Long-term use of sildenafil in the therapeutic management of heart failure.
In CHF, improvement in exercise ventilation and aerobic efficiency with sildenafil is sustained and is significantly related with an endothelium-mediated attenuation of exercising muscle oversignaling.
Maximal exercise at extreme altitudes on Mount Everest.
  • J. West, S. Boyer, +7 authors F. Sarnquist
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
    Journal of applied physiology: respiratory…
  • 1 September 1983
The results help to explain how man can reach the highest point on earth while breathing ambient air by falling considerably at the lowest values of inspired PO2.
Oxidation and haem loss kinetics of poly(ethylene glycol)-conjugated haemoglobin (MP4): dissociation between in vitro and in vivo oxidation rates.
Results show that MP4 oxidation and haem loss characteristics observed in vitro provide information regarding the effect of poly(ethylene glycol) conjugation on the stability of the haemoglobin molecule, but do not correspond to the oxidation behaviour of MP4 in vivo.
Acid–base balance at exercise in normoxia and in chronic hypoxia. Revisiting the "lactate paradox"
A section of the review deals with the analysis of the acid-base state of humans exposed to chronic hypoxia, with particular emphasis put on anaerobic glycolysis.
CO‐MP4, a polyethylene glycol‐conjugated haemoglobin derivative and carbon monoxide carrier that reduces myocardial infarct size in rats
The functional interaction between MP4 and carbon monoxide (CO), as a CO delivery agent, and the effects of CO‐MP4 on myocardial infarct size following ischaemia and reperfusion in rats are described.
Simultaneous determination of purine nucleotides, their metabolites and beta-nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in cerebellar granule cells by ion-pair high performance liquid chromatography.
This method makes use of a single-step sample pre-treatment procedure which allows a greater than 91% recovery of the compounds of interest and provides the assay of the metabolites of interest in little amounts of cell extracts, suitable to evaluate the energetic state in a variety of cell types.
Myocardial tolerance to ischemia–reperfusion injury, training intensity and cessation
Stress proteins and antioxidant defenses might be involved in the beneficial effects of long-term training as a function of training intensity, while HSP70 may be one of the factors accounting for the partial persistence of myocardial protection against ischemia/reperfusion injury in detrained rats.
Different hematologic responses to hypoxia in Sherpas and Quechua Indians.
The results indicate that although Quechua Indians have higher hematocrits than Sherpas living at the same altitude, nevertheless they may be functionally anemic.
Oxygen transport in blood at high altitude: role of the hemoglobin–oxygen affinity and impact of the phenomena related to hemoglobin allosterism and red cell function
Experimental evidence raises the question whether other factors superimpose on the apparent changes of the blood–O2 affinity, as well as the most important of these are absolute temperature and temperature gradients within the body.