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Interventions on rethinking 'the border' in border studies
The expansive understanding of borders and boundaries in recent scholarship has enriched border studies, but it has also obscured what a border is. This set of interventions is motivated by a needExpand
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Securitization and desecuritization: a dramaturgical analysis of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
Securitization theory has evolved over the past 10–15 years and has fuelled much exciting research, demonstrated through recent contributions by Balzacq, Stritzel, Taurek, and Floyd. Despite aExpand
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When the exception becomes the rule: borders, sovereignty, and citizenship
Borders are a unique political space, in which both sovereignty and citizenship are performed by individuals and sovereigns. Using the work of Agamben and Foucault, this article examines howExpand
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Governmentalities of an Airport: Heterotopia and Confession
Airports are barometers of the balance between mobility and security sought by governments, industry, and the traveling public. This article examines this dynamic at a Canadian international airport,Expand
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Passports, Mobility, and Security: How smart can the border be?
After September 11, 2001, a great deal of public and policy attention has been devoted to border security, passports, and the global mobility regime. This article examines the context of the globalExpand
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Traditional justice and reconciliation after violent conflict : learning from African experiences
Introduction: tradition-based approaches In peacemaking, transitional justice and reconciliation policies The Gacaca courts in Rwanda Restorative justice and the role of magamba spirits in post-civilExpand
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Imagining Numbers: Risk, Quantification, and Aviation Security
Aviation security is a vital but under-studied component of contemporary security. This article uses the Foucauldian notion of a `dispositif of security' to understand how policies, practices, andExpand
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The Global Visa Regime and the Political Technologies of the International Self: Borders, Bodies, Biopolitics
This article examines the micropolitics of the border by tracing the interface between government and individual body. In the first act of confession before the vanguard of governmental machinery,Expand
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To Make Move and Let Stop: Mobility and the Assemblage of Circulation
ABSTRACT The ‘mobilities turn’ in human geography and cognate disciplines has a natural methodological predisposition towards privileging mobile subjects, or the structures, policies, or authoritiesExpand
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Israeli Biopolitics: Closure, Territorialisation and Governmentality in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
This paper argues for the inclusion of biopolitical practices of mobility regulation into study of Israeli control of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). State investment in bifurcatedExpand
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