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Searching the Soil: Forensic Importance of Edaphic Fauna After the Removal of a Corpse
Abstract:  Arthropods at different stages of development collected from human remains in an advanced stage of decomposition (following autopsy) and from the soil at the scene are reported. The corpseExpand
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First record of Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) on human corpses in Iberian Peninsula.
This article presents the first record of Hermetia illucens larvae on a human corpse in Spain (the second case report in Europe). Prepupae of H. illucens, and other insects, were recovered from theExpand
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Ctenobelba apatomorpha n. sp. (Acari, Oribatida, Ctenobelbidae) from the Iberian Peninsula
Nous decrivons une nouvelle espece de Ctenobelbidae, Ctenobelba apatomorpha n. sp. Son principal caractere, compare aux autres especes semblables, est le sensillus dont la longueur varie de 80 a 100Expand
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Relationship between Oribatids and Physico-Chemical Soil Factors
This report summarizes the results of a study of the taxonomy and ecology of the soil oribatid mites inhabiting 19 ecosystems of Biscay (Basque Country, N. Spain) (7), related to relationshipsExpand