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Communication Systems Engineering
This book discusses Elements of an Electrical Communication System, a manual for the design of Communication Channels and their Characteristics, and Random Processes: Basic Concepts, which describes random processes in the Frequency Domain. Expand
Multiple access channels with arbitrarily correlated sources
Let \{(U_{i},V_{i})\}_{i=1}^{n} be a source of independent identically distributed (i.i.d.) discrete random variables with joint probability mass function p(u,v) and common part w=f(u)=g(v) in theExpand
Fundamentals of Communication Systems
Two random processes X(t) andY (t) are independent if for all positive integersm, n and for allt1, t2, tn andτ1, τ2, . . . , τm, the random vectors (X(t1), X( t2), X (t2), and (Y (τ1), Y (τ2), Y(τm)) are independent. Expand
Quasi-cyclic ldpc code design for block-fading channels
  • Yueqian Li, M. Salehi
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 44th Annual Conference on Information Sciences…
  • 17 March 2010
The proposed QC-LDPC codes exhibit the same good performance as their corresponding random root- LDPC codes introduced in [1] using iterative belief-propagation (BP) decoding and the structure of the proposed QCLDPC codes makes an efficient encoding method possible. Expand
Contemporary Communication Systems Using MATLAB
Signals and linear systems random processes analog communications analog-to-digital conversion baseband digital transmission channel equalization carrier modulation systems channel capacity andExpand
Performance bounds for turbo-coded modulation systems
The standard union bound is applied to turbo-coded modulation systems with maximum-likelihood decoding, based on "uniform interleaving" just as its counterpart for standard turbo coding, and provides a tool for comparing coded modulation schemes having different component codes, interleaver lengths, mappings, etc., using maximum- likelihood decoding. Expand
Interleaver design for turbo codes
A new interleaver design for turbo codes with short block length based on the distance spectrum of the code and the correlation between the information input data and the soft output of each decoder corresponding to its parity bits is described. Expand
Turbo codes and turbo coded modulation systems: analysis and performance bounds
Water-insoluble monoazo dyestuffs of the general formula wherein X is hydrogen, halogen, methyl, trifluoromethyl, alkoxy or nitro, and Y is hydrogen are employed for the preparation of printing inks, lacquers and dispersion paints. Expand
Contemporary communication systems using MATLAB and Simulink
1. SIGNALS AND LINEAR SYSTEMS. Preview. Fourier Series. Fourier Transforms. Power and Energy. Lowpass Equivalent of Bandpass Signals. 2. RANDOM PROCESSES. Preview. Generation of Random Variables.Expand
On the capacity of rate-adaptive packetized wireless communication links under jamming
The existence of a threshold (JTH) such that if the jammer average power exceeds J TH, the channel capacity at the NE is the same as if thejammer was using its maximum allowable power, JMax, all the time indicates that randomization significantly advantages powerful jammers. Expand