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Fasting and feasting safely during Ramadan in the diabetic patient
This article summarises briefly the religious context of Ramadan together with its potential metabolic impact and focuses on providing practical guidance on changes in diet, exercise and drug regimen in patients preparing to fast in Ramadan.
Deficiency of Micronutrient Status in Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients in North India
The micronutri-ent status of patients with active pulmonary TB was poor compared with healthy subjects, and low concentrations of haemoglobin and of serum retinol and zinc were more pronounced in malnourished TB patients.
The Impact of Interest Based Banking on Socio-Economic Environment and Its Solution through Islamic Finance Concepts
The main objectives of this paper are to trace the emergence and importance of interest based banking and it impact on socio-economic environment. The impact of interest based banking system was
Integration of Unani System of Medicine in Mainstream Healthcare for Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases
This project is the model of integration of Unani system of Medicine in mainstream healthcare and this can be replicated for other districts not only for NPCDCS but also for integration with other National Health Programmes to provide better healthcare facility in the country.
Serum zinc levels and its association with vitamin A levels among tuberculosis patients
Zinc deficiency may indirectly influence the metabolism of Vitamin A via reduction of the levels of circulating proteins in active pulmonary tuberculosis patients through reduced levels of zinc and vitamin A in the blood.
Formulation Design and Development of a Unani Transdermal Patch for Antiemetic Therapy and Its Pharmaceutical Evaluation
The in vitro permeation study of the prepared transdermal patch indicated a time dependent increase in drug release throughout the study, and the study shows a new approach to work in Unani pharmaceutics.
Hospital acquired infections among patients admitted in the medical and surgical wards of a non-teaching secondary care hospital in northern India.
The incidence of Nosocomial Infection (NI) is increasing in the hospitals, so extensive that more care has to be taken in cleaning the wards of the hospitals.
Podina (Mentha arvensis): Transformation from Food Additive toMultifunctional Medicine
An effort has been made to provide information on medicinal properties of MA mentioned in Unani classical literature as well as those which have been validated in the light of recent scientific studies and supports the potential of MA as a promising health promoting herbal plant.
Role and Significance of Circulating Biomarkers: miRNA and E2F1 mRNA Expression and Their Association with Type-2 Diabetic Complications
It is demonstrated that increased level of microRNA-330 and decreased level of E2F1 mRNA expression were found to be associated with pathogenesis of T2DM patients.
Glycation and Oxidative Stress Increase Autoantibodies in the Elderly
Using anti-glycation natural products may reduce age-related pathophysiological changes, and Aging induced gluco-oxidative stress and AGEs formation may generate neo-epitopes on blood-proteins, contributing to production of autoantibodies in the elderly, especially smokers.