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[Update on the pharmacology of Spirulina (Arthrospira), an unconventional food].
The conclusion is that even if this cyanobacterium has been one of the most extensively studied from the chemical, pharmacological and toxicological points of view, it is still necessary to expand the research in order to have more consistent data for its possible use in human beings. Expand
[Pharmacology and toxicology of Spirulina alga].
In animal experiments for acute, subchronic and chronic toxicity, reproduction, mutagenicity, and teratogenicity the algae did not cause body or organ toxicity, and the Spirulina administered to the animals were at much higher amounts than those expected for human consumption. Expand
Synthesis and Hypolipidaemic Evaluation of a Series of α‐Asarone Analogues Related to Clofibrate in Mice
A series of α‐asarone analogues related to clofibrate, containing an acetic acid group at C‐2 of the aromatic ring, has been prepared as the acids or as the ethyl and methyl esters, which were examined in hyperlipidaemic male mice to evaluate their ability to modify serum lipop protein cholesterol, low‐density lipoprotein cholesterol, high‐density cholesterol and triglycerides after oral administration. Expand
Teratogenic effects of Plectranthus fruticosus essential oil in mice
Plectranthus fruticosus essential oil induced both embryo‐ and feto‐toxicity in the three treated groups, as manifested by a statistically significant increase in the numbers of resorbed and malformed fetuses. Expand
Hypolipidaemic activity of alpha-asarone in mice.
Effects of TBT on Marine Organisms: Field Assessment of A New Site-Specific Bioassay System
A Portable Environmental Test System (PETS) was evaluated in San Diego Bay over a 7-month period using tributyltin (TBT) antifouling leachates. Three TBT concentrations (\bar{x} = 0.065, 0.077andExpand
Dominant lethal study of α‐asarone in male and female mice after sub‐chronic treatment
Dominant lethal studies were conducted in male and female mice with α‐asarone by per os sub‐chronic treatment and subsequent mating and α‐Asarone did not produce germinal mutations in either males or females. Expand
Dominant lethal study of alpha-asarone in male and female mice after sub-chronic treatment.
Dominant lethal studies were conducted in male and female mice with alpha-asarone by per os sub-chronic treatment and subsequent mating and alpha-Asarone did not produce germinal mutations in either males or females. Expand
Evaluation of the toxic and teratogenic potential of the anticonvulsant drug 4-hydroxy, 4-ethyl, 4-phenylbutyramide in mice.
HEPB treatment did not result in malformations of live fetuses or resorptions when the implantations were considered as the individual entity and the teratogenic potential of HEPB was investigated in mice after oral administration. Expand