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Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Packages Subjected to Drop Impact
Board level solder joint reliability performance during drop test is a critical concern to semiconductor and electronic product manufacturers, especially for handheld electronic products. TheseExpand
Experimental Investigations on Board Level Electronic Packages Subjected to Sinusoidal Vibration Loads
The lead wires and solder joints of surface mounted sensitive electronic components are more prone to failures due to vibration environments and leads to malfunctioning of electronic system. In thisExpand
Experimental Studies on the Effect of Shunted Electrical Loads on the Performance of a Vibration-Based Electromagnetic Energy Harvester
At present, the researchers are grappling with the problems of maximizing the output power from a vibration-based electromagnetic energy harvester (VBEH). The parameters affecting the VBEH outputExpand
International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE)
: The promising solution for next generation wireless communication system is multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system. It can transmit and receive data from different channels simultaneouslyExpand
Microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of 90 micron sized B4C particulates reinforced Al2219 alloy composites
Abstract The microstructure and mechanical behavior of Al2219 metal alloy with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 wt% of B4C composites were studied. The composites comprising 2 to 10 wt% of B4C in Al2219 alloy wereExpand
A structural bionic design process is systematically presented for lightweight mechanical structures. By mimicking biological excellent structural principles, the structure of lathe bed or theExpand
Fatigue Prediction of Electronic Packages Subjected to Random Vibrations
In modern automotive control modules, mechanical failures of surface-mounted electronic components such as microprocessors, crystals, capacitors, inductors, transformers, ball grid array packagesExpand
Estimation of Fatigue-life of Electronic Packages Subjected to Random Vibration Load
Random vibration is being specified for acceptance tests, screening tests, and qualification tests by manufacturers of electronic equipment meant for military applications, because it has been shownExpand
Investigations on Mechanical Behavior ofAl2219Alloy-B4C Particulates Reinforced Composites
In the currentinvestigation, themechanical properties ofAl2219-2 and 4 wt. % of B4C composites were displayed. The composites containing2 and 4 wt. % of B4C in Al2219 alloy were synthesized byliquidExpand
Protecting Printed Circuit Boards from Harsh Vibration Environment
The printed circuit board (PCB) which forms the basic support structure of all electronic equipment will be subjected to moderate to severe vibration environments during manufacture, transportation,Expand