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Current research status of fish immunostimulants
Immunostimulants are valuable for the control of fish diseases and may be useful in fish culture. The immunostimulatory effects of glucan, chitin, lactoferrin and levamisole for fish and shrimp haveExpand
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An unexpected discovery of two interferon gamma-like genes along with interleukin (IL)-22 and -26 from teleost: IL-22 and -26 genes have been described for the first time outside mammals.
By comparative genomics based on chromosome synteny between human and fish, IL-22, IL-26 and two IFN-gamma-like genes have been isolated in fish. Interleukin-22 and -26 have been identified for theExpand
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Discovery of a new class of immunoglobulin heavy chain from fugu
In teleosts, the genomic organization of the immunoglobulin (Ig) heavy (H)‐chain locus was thought to follow a typical translocon‐type multigene structure; however, recent studies have indicated aExpand
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Identification, cloning and characterization of interleukin-17 and its family from zebrafish.
Cytokines are one of the major signaling molecules involved in immunity. Many of these cytokines have been isolated in vertebrates and found to play a significant role in host defense mechanism.Expand
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Structural conservation of interferon gamma among vertebrates.
Interferon gamma (IFN-gamma), being the hallmark of the T-cell T(H)1 response, has been extensively studied with respect to its expression and regulation of immune function. This gene has beenExpand
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Effects of estradiol, progesterone and testosterone on the function of carp, Cyprinus carpio, phagocytes in vitro.
The modulation of phagocytic cells by beta-estradiol, 11-ketotestosterone and progesterone was analyzed in common carp Cyprinus carpio. Carp kidney leukocytes were cultured in RPMI 1640 mediumExpand
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Cloning, characterization and expression analysis of interleukin-10 from the common carp, Cyprinus carpio L.
Interleukin (IL)-10 was cloned from the common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) using IL-10 primers from carp head kidney following stimulation with concanavalin A and lipopolysaccharide. The cDNA consistedExpand
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Immunostimulant effects of dietary Spirulina platensis on carp, Cyprinus carpio
Immunostimulant effects of the dietary Spirulina (Spirulina plantensis) were studied in carp, Cyprinus carpio. For this purpose, fish were fed with Spirulina and the parameters of non-specificExpand
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Isolation of seven IL-17 family genes from the Japanese pufferfish Takifugu rubripes.
In humans, the IL-17 family is composed of six members (A-F). The A, E and F forms have been extensively studied in numerous mammalian species. However, there are few reports regarding IL-17Expand
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