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Accumulation and Transmutation of Spallation Products in the Target of Accelerator-Driven System
Analysis of the radiological burden of the spallation products (SP) was performed for various spallation targets (lead, tungsten, tin). The radiological burden was discussed in terms of toxicityExpand
Multi-component self-consistent nuclear energy system for sustainable growth
Abstract Environmental harmonization of nuclear energy technology is considered as an absolutely necessary condition in its future successful development for peaceful use. Establishment ofExpand
Development and Water Tank Tests of Sugi Bark Sorbent (SBS)
Development of the oil sorbent (oil adsorption material) made of organic waste material were initiated in order to provide the resources for marine oil spill response with less environmental load andExpand
Boiling two-phase flow under microgravity☆
To study the effects of reduced gravity on the flow regime and the heat transfer characteristics of a boiling two-phase horizontal flow, parabolic flight experiments were performed by using anExpand
Aftershock seismicity and fault structure of the 2005 West Off Fukuoka Prefecture Earthquake (MJMA7.0) derived from urgent joint observations
On March 20, 2005, a large MJMA7.0 earthquake occurred in the offshore area, west of Fukuoka prefecture, northern Kyushu, Japan. A series of joint observations were carried out by teams from severalExpand
Real-time drill mud gas logging at the USDP-4 drilling, Unzen volcano, Japan
Abstract During the Unzen conduit drilling project USDP-4, the gas phase dissolved in the drill mud was continuously analyzed. Starting from the volcano's north flank an almost complete gas profileExpand
Safety Analysis of ITER EDA Design by GEMSAFE
General Methodology of Safety Analysis and Evaluation for Fusion Systems (GEMSAFE) was applied to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) design in the stage of Engineering Design Activities (EDA) to identify Design Basis Events (DBEs) and the related safety features, which were compared with those of the ITER design in Conceptual Design Activities. Expand
Aspects of 238Pu production in the experimental fast reactor JOYO
Abstract Experimental determination of 238 Pu in 237 Np samples irradiated in the experimental fast reactor JOYO was done as part of the demonstration of 238 Pu production from 237 Np in fastExpand
Sensitivity Analysis of Fission Product Concentrations for Light Water Reactor Burned Fuel
The accurate prediction of fission product concentrations (FPCs) is necessary for application of the burnup credit to nuclear facilities. In order to specify important nuclear data for the accurateExpand