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Safety and efficacy of oxaliplatin and fluoropyrimidine regimens with or without bevacizumab as first-line treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer: results of the TREE Study.
The addition of bevacizumab to oxaliplatin and fluoropyrimidine and fluoripyrimidine regimens is well tolerated as first-line treatment of mCRC and does not markedly change overall toxicity.
Primary pancreatic lymphomas.
  • M. Saif
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    JOP : Journal of the pancreas
  • 9 May 2006
FNA coupled with flow cytometry analysis appears to be highly accurate in the diagnosis of primary pancreatic lymphomas, and LDH and beta-2 microglobulin are important diagnostic and prognostic tumor markers.
Hypersensitivity Reactions Associated with Platinum Antineoplastic Agents: A Systematic Review
Several management options are available to treating physicians: discontinuation of chemotherapy, premedication, prolonging of infusion duration, desensitization protocols, and replacement with a different platinum compound after performing skin tests that rule out cross-reactions among platinum agents.
Gastrointestinal Perforation Due to Bevacizumab in Colorectal Cancer
The incidence of GI perforation seemed to be higher in patients with primary tumor intact, recent history of sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, or previous adjuvant radiotherapy, but it is necessary to confirm these preliminary findings by multivariate analyses.
Diabetes and pancreatic cancer.
It is shown that hemoglobin-A1c at the time of diagnosis correlates with disease stage and predicts survival among all stages of pancreatic cancer patients and metformin treatment serves as a positive prognosticator.
AIDS and thrombosis: retrospective study of 131 HIV-infected patients.
It is suggested that patients with risk factors for HIV infection who develop thromboembolic complications be further evaluated including tests for HIV are warranted and clinicians caring for these patients should be aware of thrombotic disease as a possible complication of AIDS.
Disparities in colorectal cancer in African-Americans vs Whites: before and after diagnosis.
There are differences between African-American and white patients with colorectal cancer, concerning their characteristics before and after diagnosis, and it appears that patients of African- American descent are more likely to develop 5-FU toxicity than Whites.
Serum Alkaline Phosphatase Level as a Prognostic Tool in Colorectal Cancer: A Study of 105 patients.
Instead of the upper normal limit for ALP, the data shows that using an ALP cutoff of 160 U/L increases the sensitivity of liver metastases detection and a change in ALP levels of greater than 120U/L over four-to-six weeks may be indicative of disease progression.
Fluoropyrimidine-associated cardiotoxicity: revisited
5-FU cardiotoxicity is an infrequent but real phenomenon that is independent of dose and may be related to a continuous infusion schedule and should be observed closely and 5-FU administration discontinued if cardiac symptoms develop.