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Determinants of Three Stages of Delay in Seeking Care at a Medical Clinic
Factors affecting delay were studied in patients seeking treatment for the first time for a particular symptom at clinics in a major, innercity hospital. On the basis of the patients' retrospectiveExpand
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Sources of Bias in Memory for Emotions
How accurately can people remember how they felt in the past? Although some investigators hold that emotional memories are resistant to change, we review evidence that current emotions, appraisals,Expand
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Author-rated importance of cited references in biology and psychology publications
We investigate how textual features, depth of citation treatment, reasons for citation, and relationships between citers and citees predict author‐rated citation importance. Expand
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Killing versus witnessing in combat trauma and reports of PTSD symptoms and domestic violence.
Active participation in combat trauma increased reports of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms over passive witnessing of trauma. Using archival data from 376 U.S. soldiers who took part inExpand
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The Impact of Communications on the Self-Regulation of Health Beliefs, Decisions, and Behavior
The models used in the study of communication and health behavior have changed from those describing how to impose health actions on relatively passive respondents to models describing howExpand
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Tunnel memory for traumatic events
In four experiments subjects remembered the critical information in a traumatic slide as either more focused spatially than in its original presentation or more focused spatially than information inExpand
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Sex and hemisphere differences in access to codes for processing emotional expressions and faces.
  • M. Safer
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of experimental psychology. General
  • 1 March 1981
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Emotional events and emotions in autobiographical memories
“And the question which I have for you (Professor Anita Hill) is how reliable is your testimony in October of 1991 on events that occurred 8, 10 years ago, when you are adding new factors, explaining them by saying you have repressed a lot?,” asked Senator Specter. Expand
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Distortion in Memory for Emotions: The Contributions of Personality and Post-Event Knowledge
Undergraduates (N = 189) rated their test anxiety and emotions immediately before a midterm examination and recalled those feelings 1 week later. Students who learned they had done well on the examExpand
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Eyewitnesses show hypermnesia for details about a violent event.
A total of 90 undergraduates watched a videotape that portrayed a burglar breaking into a home and shooting three innocent victims. The 2-min tape contained 47 important violent and nonviolentExpand
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