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6–12 GHz MMIC Double-Balanced Upconversion Mixer based on Graphene Diode
In this paper we present the design, fabrication and characterisation of a fully-integrated, wideband double-balanced mixer based on graphene diodes. The circuit is implemented on glass substrateExpand
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14 dBm, 18–20 GHz injection-locked power amplifier with 45% peak PAE in 65nm CMOS
A fully integrated injection-locked CMOS power amplifier (IL-PA) that operates in the 18-20 GHz frequency band with a single-ended input and differential output is demonstrated. The presented powerExpand
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1.5–3.3 GHz, 0.0077 mm2, 7 mW All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop With Dead-Zone Free Phase Detector in $0.13~\mu \text{m}$ CMOS
A 1.3 GHz, 7 mW, all-digital delay-locked loop (ADDLL) designed in a UMC 130-nm CMOS technology is presented in this paper. Expand
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Zero-Bias 50-dB Dynamic Range Linear-in-dB V-Band Power Detector Based on CVD Graphene Diode on Glass
In this paper, we report the design, fabrication, and demonstration of a compact, V-band, zero-bias, and linear-in-dB power detector based on our in-house metal–insulator–graphene diode fabricated onExpand
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Clean Hands: Prevention of Typhoid Fever in Rural Communities in Egypt
Typhoid fever is a serious public health problem in Egypt. Effective prevention strategies include the promotion of handwashing. This study explores factors that influence handwashing practices inExpand
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Graphene integrated circuits: new prospects towards receiver realisation.
This work demonstrates a design approach which enables the fabrication of fully integrated radio frequency (RF) and millimetre-wave frequency direct-conversion graphene receivers by adapting theExpand
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Metal–Insulator–Graphene Diode Mixer Based on CVD Graphene-on-Glass
In this letter, we present for the first time a mixer circuit based on Metal–Insulator–Graphene (MIG) diodes fabricated with large-scale monolayer graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition. AExpand
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W-Band Graphene-Based Six-Port Receiver
We demonstrate a full-fledged millimeter-wave graphene-based six-port receiver frontend at 90 GHz employing graphene power detectors. Exploiting the high responsivity and wide dynamic range reportedExpand
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X-Band MMIC Balanced Frequency Doubler based on Graphene Diodes
In this paper, we demonstrate the design, fabrication, and characterisation of the first frequency doubler circuit employing graphene diodes. Exploiting the nonlinearity reported for state-of-the-artExpand
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0.15 mm2, DC-70GHz, Graphene-Based Power Detector with Improved Sensitivity and Dynamic Range
This paper presents a wideband, zero-biased power detector circuit based on metal-insulator-Graphene (MIG) diodes fabricated on quartz substrate. The wideband performance, outstanding tangentialExpand
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