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Microbiological Analysis of Tube-Well Water in a Rural Area of Bangladesh
ABSTRACT Five tube-wells in Matlab, Bangladesh, were selected for analysis of selected biophysicochemical parameters. The results showed that all tube-well water samples contained zooplankton andExpand
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Capital and profit sharing in Islamic equity financing : issues and propects
This book analyses aspects related to capital and profit sharing in the equity-Hnancing modes employed by Islamic banks. Major topics covered include the signitlcance of existence and presence ofExpand
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Financing micro and medium sized enterprisesthrough decreasing partnership (musharakahmutanaqisah): refining shari'ah and bankingaspects for enhanced applicability
Decreasing partnership as proposed by contemporary scholars could be effectively employed in financing MMEs, for procurement of assets as well as financing complete ventures. Its significance inExpand
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Fatty acid composition of Boerhaavia procumbens L. roots oil by gas chromatography mass spectrometry
The Boerhaavia procumbens roots oil, constituents of methyl ester derivatives of fatty acids, were analyzed using gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometer. The results obtained containExpand
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Islamic banks' dilemma between ideals and practice: debt or equity
Equity financing modes currently adopted by Islamic banks are seen to be based on debt-based formats, originally developed for implementation in in interest-based financing system. With theExpand
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Microbiology of pond ecosystems in rural Bangladesh: its public health implications
In rural Bangladesh various components of four ponds, including aquatic plants, snails, water, oysters, and sediment were studied for faecal contamination for three years, from July 1994, to JuneExpand
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Chemical Composition, Antioxidant and Anti-bacterial Potential of Essential Oil of Medicinal plant Isodon rugosus
Abstract Isodon rugosus is a medicinally valuable herb containing a variety of important secondary metabolites and essential oil with important chemical constituents of pharmaceutical precursors. TheExpand
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Quantification of Soft Tissue Loss among Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease
Objective Tissue atrophy is known to occur amongst patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). We report quantification and assessment of severity of calf tissue atrophy amongst patients withExpand
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Agricultural Productivity , Carbon Dioxide Emission And Nuclear Energy Consumption In Pakistan : An Econometric Analysis
The main principle of this study is to observe the association among carbon dioxide emission (CDE), nuclear energy consumption (NEC) and agricultural productivity (AGP) in the case of Pakistan. TheExpand
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Socio-Legal Significance of Family Waqf in Islamic Law: Its Degeneration and Revival
From a Shari’ah perspective, no essential difference is noticed between public welfare waqf and a waqf created for the benefit of individuals such as descendants and family of a person, and both areExpand