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Large magnetoresistance in non-magnetic silver chalcogenides
Several materials have been identified over the past few years as promising candidates for the development of new generations of magnetoresistive devices. These range from artificially engineeredExpand
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Structure of two liquid semiconductors Ag1-xSex and Ag0.67Te0.33
Neutron diffraction measurements have been carried out on Ag1-xSex and Ag0.67Te0.33 alloys to investigate possible structural causes for the differences in electrical transport properties observed inExpand
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The electrical conductivity of levitated liquids
The electrical conductivities of aerodynamically levitated liquid spheres have been determined by an electrodeless method. It is shown that this technique is reliable over a wide range ofExpand
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Short- and intermediate-range order in levitated liquid aluminates
We have used the aerodynamic levitation technique combined with CO 2 laser heating to study the structures of liquid CaAl 2 O 4 and MgAl 2 O 4 with x-ray and neutron diffraction. We determined theExpand
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Magnetoresistance in n- and p-type Ag2Te: Mechanisms and applications
We compare the large magnetoresistive response of slightly nonstoichiometric Ag_(2±δ)Te for a wide range of hole (p⩽8×10^(17)  cm^(−3)) and electron (n⩽4×10^(18)  cm^(−3))carrier densities. In theExpand
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Quantum effects on the structure of water at constant temperature and constant atomic density
To explore quantum effects on the structure of liquid water, we have carried out high-energy x-ray diffraction measurements of quantum differences both under isothermal conditions at 24.5 °C andExpand
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Megagauss sensors
Magnetic fields change the way that electrons move through solids. The nature of these changes reveals information about the electronic structure of a material and, in auspicious circumstances, canExpand
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Atomic structure of solid and liquid polyethylene oxide
The structure of polyethylene oxide (PEO) was investigated by neutron scattering in both semicrystalline and liquid states. Deuterated samples were studied in addition to the protonated ones in orderExpand
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Structure of acidic haloaluminate melts: Neutron diffraction and quantum chemical calculations
The structure of molten mixtures of (KX)y(AlX3)1−y was investigated by neutron diffraction for X=Cl and Br and y=0.25 and 0.33. These melts, known as acidic haloaluminates, contain different ionicExpand
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Origin of the complex dielectric relaxation spectra of molecular glass formers
F. J. Bermejo, 1,2 W. S. Howells, 3 M. Jiménez-Ruiz, 4 M. A. González, D. L. Price, M. L. Saboungi, 7,6 and C. Cabrillo Department of Electricity and Electronics, University of Basque Country, P.O.Expand
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