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Prehospital stroke scales in a Belgian prehospital setting: a pilot study
Items investigating unilateral facial paralysis and unilateral loss/absence of motor response in upper extremities seemed to be most discriminating between the stroke group and the nonstroke group, suggesting that items related to clinical assessment are more important in stroke recognition than history items.
Spinal and Systemic Action of the α2 Receptor Agonist Dexmedetomidine in Dogs: Antinociception and Carbon Dioxide Response
Dexmedetomidine, acting through an α2-receptor, produces a powerful antinociceptive effect, mediated at the spinal level, while systemic redistribution of the drug leads to a hypnotic state with significant cardiorespiratory effects.
Attenders of a university hospital psychiatric emergency service in Belgium
A PET could overcome the discrepancy between the need of treatment and the effective use of mental health services and present different complaints and were given different axis I diagnoses.
Screening for risk of readmission of patients aged 65 years and above after discharge from the emergency department: predictive value of four instruments
Objectives To compare the abilities of four different screening tools to predict return visits of older persons after they have been discharged from the emergency department (ED). Methods We assessed
Pharmacist- versus physician-acquired medication history: a prospective study at the emergency department
Comparing medication histories obtained in the Emergency Department by pharmacists versus physicians and identifying characteristics contributing to discrepancies demonstrates that medication history acquisition is very often incomplete in the ED.
Cyanide poisoning by fire smoke inhalation: a European expert consensus
A group of European experts has proposed emergency management protocols for cyanide toxicity in fire smoke victims, based on a literature review and a panel discussion.
Survey of non-invasive ventilation for acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in emergency departments in Belgium
Assessment of the availability and use of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) for the treatment of acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in emergency departments in Belgium found pressure-controlled ventilation (with home respirators) was used more often than volume- controlled ventilation.
Predicting community tenure in patients with recurrent utilization of a psychiatric emergency service.
For patients with a previous use of a PER, short CT was highly influenced by aftercare arrangements and not by clinical characteristics, compared with long CTs between previous and current referrals.
European Society For Emergency Medicine position paper on emergency medical systems’ response to COVID-19
Under the perspective of European Society For Emergency Medicine, the recommendations provided by the health authorities are reviewed focus on the emergency department’s activity.
Spinal Delivery of Sufentanil, Alfentanil, and Morphine in Dogs: Physiologic and Toxicologic Investigations
This large-animal model demonstrates the expected pharmacologic potency of these three agents and tolerance development and shows no evidence of neurotoxicity over the range of doses/concentrations employed when given by the intrathecal or epidural route as compared to vehicle controls.