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Balancing hydropower and biodiversity in the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong
Basin-scale planning is needed to minimize impacts in mega-diverse rivers The world's most biodiverse river basins—the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong—are experiencing an unprecedented boom in constructionExpand
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Genome-wide interrogation advances resolution of recalcitrant groups in the tree of life
Much progress has been achieved in disentangling evolutionary relationships among species in the tree of life, but some taxonomic groups remain difficult to resolve despite increasing availability ofExpand
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Multilocus analysis of the catfish family Trichomycteridae (Teleostei: Ostariophysi: Siluriformes) supporting a monophyletic Trichomycterinae.
Trichomycteridae is the second most diverse family of the order Siluriformes, its members are widely distributed through the freshwaters of Central and South America, exhibiting an exceptionalExpand
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Taxonomic assessment of Leptodoras (Siluriformes: Doradidae) with descriptions of three new species
O genero Leptodoras Boulenger e um agrupamento monofiletico com pelo menos dez especies, distribuidas em rios grandes e predominantemente de terras baixas na metade norte da regiao cis-Andina daExpand
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Reproductive-behavioral Phylogenetics of Nocomis Species-groups
-Descriptions of nest construction and reproductive behaviors of Nocomis species, identified from field observations and laboratory analysis of video tapes, are used to evaluate previousExpand
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Spawning in Ancistrus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) with comments on the evolution of snout tentacles as a novel reproductive strategy: larval mimicry
Most species of Ancistrus exhibit a striking sexual dimorphism, mature males having an elaborate complex of enlarged fleshy tentacles on the snouts. Snout tentacles appear to be modifications of theExpand
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Spawning Behaviors in the Bluehead Chub, Nocomis leptocephalus, River Chub, N. micropogon and Central Stoneroller, Campostoma anomalum
Abstract Spawning behaviors were filmed and observed in the nest-building minnows, the bluehead chub, Nocomis leptocephalus, and river chub, N. micropogon. Analysis of videotapes exposed previouslyExpand
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Catfish Genus Corymbophanes (Loricariidae: Hypostominae) with Description of One New Species: Corymbophanes kaiei
Abstract The genus Corymbophanes and its type, Corymbophanes andersoni, are redescribed, and one new species, Corymbophanes kaiei is described. Among loricariids, Corymbophanes is diagnosed by aExpand
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Phylogenomic incongruence, hypothesis testing, and taxonomic sampling: The monophyly of characiform fishes *
Phylogenomic studies using genome‐wide datasets are quickly becoming the state of the art for systematics and comparative studies, but in many cases, they result in strongly supported incongruentExpand
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