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Strength and Ductility of Confined Concrete
An analytical model is proposed to construct a stress‐strain relationship for confined concrete. The model consists of a parabolic ascending branch, followed by a linear descending segment. It isExpand
Confinement Model for High-Strength Concrete
A mathematical model is developed to express the stress-strain relationship of high-strength concrete confined by transverse reinforcement. The model is applicable to both normal-strength andExpand
An analytical procedure is proposed for the force‐deformation relationship of a reinforcing bar anchored in concrete. The procedure leads to computation of deformations in two parts, as extension andExpand
Seismic force modification factors for the proposed 2005 edition of the National Building Code of Canada
This paper describes the proposed changes to the 2005 edition of the National Building Code of Canada related to the force modification factors. A description of the ductility- and overstrength-rel...
Response of Reinforced Concrete Columns to Simulated Seismic Loading
Response of reinforced concrete columns to seismic loading was investigated experimentally. Full-scale columns were tested under slowly applied lateral reversals. Both unidirectional andExpand
Hysteretic Shear Model for Reinforced Concrete Members
A hysteretic model is proposed for shear response of reinforced concrete members subjected to shear force and bending moment reversals. The model consists of a primary shear force–shear displacementExpand
The impact of the 26 December 2004 earthquake and tsunami on structures and infrastructure
Abstract A field investigation of the 26 December 2004 south east Asia earthquake- and tsunami-affected areas in Thailand and Indonesia was conducted. The objective of the study was to evaluate theExpand
Confined Columns under Eccentric Loading
The characteristics of confined-concrete columns under strain gradient were examined. Twelve columns were tested under two different levels of end eccentricity. The test parameters included theExpand
Tensile Behavior of FRP Anchors in Concrete
Strengthening of concrete structures using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems has become a widely accepted technology in the construction industry over the past decade. Externally bonded FRPExpand