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Effects of Physiochemical Factors on Prokaryotic Biodiversity in Malaysian Circumneutral Hot Springs
A cultivation-independent census to describe microbial communities in six hot springs in Malaysia revealed that diversity patterns were best explained by a combination of physicochemical variables, rather than by individual abiotic variables such as temperature and salinity. Expand
Characterization of a glucose-tolerant β-glucosidase from Anoxybacillus sp. DT3-1
Anoxybacillus DT-Bgl is a novel thermostable β-glucosidase with low glucose inhibition, and converts long-chain cellodextrins to cellobiose, and further hydrolysecellobiose to glucose. Expand
Crystal structure of Anoxybacillus α-amylase provides insights into maltose binding of a new glycosyl hydrolase subclass
Crystal structures of truncated ASKA (TASKA) reveal the presence of four Ca2+ ion binding sites, with three of these binding sites are highly conserved among Anoxybacillus α-amylases. Expand
Scheduling Grid Jobs Using Priority Rule Algorithms and Gap Filling Techniques
Over the past decade, scheduling in grid computing system has been an active research. However, it is still difficult to find an optimal scheduling algorithm in order to achieve load balancing. GapExpand
Characterizing a Halo-Tolerant GH10 Xylanase from Roseithermus sacchariphilus Strain RA and Its CBM-Truncated Variant
It is suggested CBM4_9 of XynRA2 has a role in enzyme performance and the effects of CBM truncation on this xylanase are described. Expand
An Overview of Microbial Proteases for Industrial Applications.
Given their role in commercial industries; it is deemed imperative to gather the disperse literature on the current state of the art describing the sources, classification, application and biosynthetic regulation of bacterial proteases. Expand
Functional features and protein network of human sperm-egg interaction
The main purpose of this study was to reveal possible protein interactions and associated molecular function during sperm-egg interaction using a protein interaction network approach and suggested that sperm ADAM2 plays a role as a protein candidate involved in sperm- egg membrane interaction by interacting with CD9 in the oocyte. Expand
Structural prediction of a novel laminarinase from the psychrophilic Glaciozyma antarctica PI12 and its temperature adaptation analysis
This research suggests that the psychrophilic adaptation and catalytic activity at low temperatures were achieved through existence of longer loops and shorter or broken helices and strands, an increase in the number of aromatic and hydrophobic residues, and a higher total solvent accessible surface area. Expand
birgHPC: creating instant computing clusters for bioinformatics and molecular dynamics
UNLABELLED birgHPC, a bootable Linux Live CD has been developed to create high-performance clusters for bioinformatics and molecular dynamics studies using any Local Area Network (LAN)-networkedExpand
In silico Prediction of Escherichia coli Metabolic Engineering Capabilities for 1-Butanol Production
The result demonstrates that the proposed engineered strain is capable of substantial butanol production increase when 1-butanol gene is overexpressed under semi-anaerobic conditions with fixed glucose and oxygen uptake rates. Expand