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Nuclear Accumulation of Globular Actin as a Cellular Senescence Marker
We evaluated the nuclear actin accumulation as a new marker of cellular senescence, using human diploid fibroblast (HDF), chondrocyte primary cultures, Mv1Lu epithelial cells, and Huh7 cancer cells.Expand
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Accumulation of cytolytic CD8+ T cells in B16-melanoma and proliferation of mature T cells in TIS21-knockout mice after T cell receptor stimulation.
In vivo and in vitro effects of TIS21 gene on the mature T cell activation and antitumor activities were explored by employing MO5 melanoma orthograft and splenocytes isolated from the TIS21-knockoutExpand
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Phosphorylation of Serine 147 of tis21/BTG2/pc3 by p-Erk1/2 Induces Pin-1 Binding in Cytoplasm and Cell Death*
Treatment of U937 cells with epidermal growth factor (EGF) induces phosphorylation of tis21 and subsequent interaction of tis21 with Pin-1, resulting in the increased cell death with mitochondrialExpand
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Induction of growth inhibition of 293 cells by downregulation of the cyclin E and cyclin‐dependent kinase 4 proteins due to overexpression of TIS21
We earlier reported that TIS21 mRNA expression was markedly decreased in A549 and NCIH69 human lung cancer cells and in thymic carcinoma tissues obtained from transgenic mice containing simian virusExpand
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TIS21/BTG2/PC3 is expressed through PKC-delta pathway and inhibits binding of cyclin B1-Cdc2 and its activity, independent of p53 expression.
Signal transduction pathway and a new function of TIS21/BTG2/PC3 were investigated in p53 null U937 cells; Expression of TIS21 by 12-O-tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate (TPA) stimulation was mediatedExpand
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B-cell translocation gene 2 mediates crosstalk between PI3K/Akt1 and NFκB pathways which enhances transcription of MnSOD by accelerating IκBα degradation in normal and cancer cells
BackgroundB-cell translocation gene 2 (BTG2) belongs to antiproliferative (ARPO) gene family and the expression of BTG2, human ortholog of rat PC3 and mouse TIS21 gene, has been shown to renderExpand
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TIS21/BTG2 Negatively Regulates Estradiol‐Stimulated Expansion of Hematopoietic Stem Cells by Derepressing Akt Phosphorylation and Inhibiting mTOR Signal Transduction
It has been known that 12‐O‐tetradecanoyl phorbol‐13‐acetate‐inducible sequence 21 (TIS21), ortholog of human B‐cell translocation gene 2, regulates expansions of stage‐specific thymocytes andExpand
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Protection of 5α‐dihydrotestosterone against TGF‐β‐induced apoptosis in FaO cells and induction of mitosis in HepG2 cells
Administration of TGF‐β1 to both FaO and HepG2 cells significantly induced apoptosis, particularly in FaO cells. Degradation of genomic DNA in FaO cells was rapidly induced by treatment with TGF‐β1Expand
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C‐reactive protein induces G2/M phase cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in monocytes through the upregulation of B‐cell translocation gene 2 expression
We hypothesized that C‐reactive protein (CRP) may affect the cell cycle and induce apoptotic changes of monocytes. CRP (∼25 μg/ml) significantly increased expressions of B‐cell translocation gene 2Expand
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Shifting p53-induced senescence to cell death by TIS21(/BTG2/Pc3) gene through posttranslational modification of p53 protein.
Cellular senescence and apoptosis can be regulated by p53 activity, although the underlying mechanism of the switch between the two events remains largely unknown. Cells exposed to cancerExpand
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