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Dynamic Pole Assignment and Schubert Calculus
The output feedback pole assignment problem is a classical problem in linear systems theory. In this paper we calculate the number of complex dynamic compensators of order $q$ assigning a given setExpand
A smooth compactification of the space of transfer functions with fixed McMillan degree
It is a classical result of Clark that the space of all proper or strictly properp ×m transfer functions of a fixed McMillan degreed has, in a natural way, the structure of a noncompact, smoothExpand
Analysis and study of different multipliers to design floating point MAC units for digital signal processing applications
Digital Signal processing became an application to create high speed data processing systems like 3D rendering, 4G mobile internet, etc., we need best p rocessors with high performance data pathExpand
A general realization theory for higher-order linear differential equations
In this note we show that the geometric quotient, under a natural group action, of the generalized state space systems recently considered by Schumacher, Kuijper and Geerts is algebraicallyExpand
Degree of the generalized Plücker embedding of a quot scheme and quantum cohomology
We compute the degree of the generalized Pl\"ucker embedding $\kappa$ of a Quot scheme $X$ over $\PP^1$. The space $X$ can also be considered as a compactification of the space of algebraic maps of aExpand
On decentralized dynamic pole placement and feedback stabilization
In this paper we study the feedback control problem using an r-channel decentralized dynamic feedback control scheme. We will develop the theory in the behavioral framework. Using this framework weExpand
Geometric methods in rational interpolation theory
Abstract This paper studies the minimal rational interpolation problem using algebrogeometric methods. Specifically, we deal in a unified framework with the following problems: scalar and matrixExpand
A Realization Theory for Homogeneous AR-Systems, An Algorithmic Approach
Abstract The set of m inputs, p outputs and n states homogeneous linear system has the structure of a smooth compact manifold. In this paper we associate to every homogeneous AR-system a generalizedExpand
Output feedback invariants
The paper is concerned with the problem of determining a complete set of invariants for output feedback. Using tools from geometric invariant theory it is shown that there exists a quasi-projectiveExpand