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Capturing the Complexity in Advanced Technology Use: Adaptive Structuration Theory
We propose adaptive structuration theory (AST) as a viable approach for studying the role of advanced information technologies in organization change. Expand
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Explaining Development and Change in Organizations
This article introduces four basic theories that may serve as building blocks for explaining processes of change in organizations: life cycle, teleology, dialectics, and evolution. These fourExpand
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Alternative Approaches for Studying Organizational Change
Scholars hold different views about whether organizations consist of things or processes and about variance or process methods for conducting research. By combining these two dimensions, we develop aExpand
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Affect in Web Interfaces: A Study of the Impacts of Web Page Visual Complexity and Order
A research model is developed to explain the relationships among visual complexity and order design features of a webpage, induced emotional responses in users, and users' approach behaviors toward the website as moderated by users' metamotivational states. Expand
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What Is Personalization? Perspectives on the Design and Implementation of Personalization in Information Systems
A high-level framework for classifying approaches to personalization that delineates fundamental assumptions about personalization in the literature and relates them to strategies for developing personalization systems. Expand
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Organizational Change and Innovation Processes: Theory and Methods for Research
In a world of organizations that are in constant change, scholars have long sought to understand and explain how they change. This book introduces research methods that are specifically designed toExpand
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Antecedents of flow in online shopping: a test of alternative models
We study the effect of web site complexity, an important interface design variable, on flow through the mediating effects of the three preconditions. Expand
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Methods for Studying Innovation Development in the Minnesota Innovation Research Program
This paper describes the methods being used by the Minnesota Innovation Research Program to develop and test a process theory of innovation which explains how and why innovations develop over timeExpand
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Structuration Theory in Information Systems Research: Methods and Controversies
Numerous scholars in the information systems field have formulated variants of structuration theory in order to extend some of its basic constructs to informationtechnology-related phenomena andExpand
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