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Stemphylium leaf blight of onion
Morphology of the fruiting structures indicated identity of the pathogen in its conidial stage with Stemphylium vesicarium (Wallroth) Simmons and in the perithecial stage with Pleospora allii (Rabenh.) Ces. Expand
Some parasitic fungi on pigeon pea from India
Pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp) is major pulse crop cultivated in several states of india covering 1.5 million acres in Uttar Pradesh alone out of the 5.7 million acres in the country (1). TheExpand
Germination of resting spores in Synchytrium species parasitic on cucurbitaceae
The resting spores of both species behave as prosorus in germination giving rise to an attached superficial sorus of sporangia of Synchytrium species, parasitic on cucurbitaceous hosts. Expand
Johnkarlingia, a new genus of the synchytriaceae
A new genus Johnkarlingia Pavgi & Singh has been proposed to accommodate the fungus with Johnkarlingsia brassicae Singh & Pavgi as its type species and the taxonomy and affinities of the genus are discussed. Expand
Perpetuation of Protomycopsis Species Causing Purple Leaf Spot of Legumes in India
The heat-resistant mycelium is later consumed in forming the resting chlamydospores in the soil, thus adding another dimension to the initial soil-borne inoculum potential of the disease. Expand
Chlamydospore development in soil byProtomycopsis thirumalacharii
Dauersporenentwicklung findet in der Regel in dieser Familie nur auf der Wirtspflanze statt. Expand
Chlamydospore germination in Protomycopsis species
Morphology of stages in the sequence of germination, sporogenesis in the vesicles and postemergence development of (endo)spores are described in detail and Probable consequences of aberrant germination types are indicated. Expand