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JOY: protein sequence-structure representation and analysis
JOY is a program to annotate protein sequence alignments with three-dimensional (3D) structural features. Expand
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Organic carbon fluxes within and streamwater exports from headwater catchments in the southern Amazon
Forms and quantities of organic carbon (C) fluxes at the soil surface, and organic C exports from four small (1–2 ha) headwater catchments were quantified and contrasted in the seasonally dryExpand
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Double-funneling of trees: Stemflow and root-induced preferential flow
ABSTRACT Trees partition rainfall into throughfall and stemflow, resulting in a spatial distribution of nutrient and water fluxes reaching the soil centred on the trunks of trees. Stemflow fluxes ofExpand
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BODIL: a molecular modeling environment for structure-function analysis and drug design
BODIL is a molecular modeling environment geared to help the user to quickly identify key features of proteins critical to molecular recognition, especially (1) in drug discovery applications, and (2) to understand the structural basis for function. Expand
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ShaEP: Molecular Overlay Based on Shape and Electrostatic Potential
ShaEP is a tool for rigid-body superimposition and similarity evaluation of ligand-sized molecules. Expand
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Active site opening and closure control translocation of multisubunit RNA polymerase
Multisubunit RNA polymerase (RNAP) is the central information-processing enzyme in all cellular life forms, yet its mechanism of translocation along the DNA molecule remains conjectural. Here, weExpand
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Generating Conformer Ensembles Using a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
The task of generating a nonredundant set of low-energy conformations for small molecules is of fundamental importance for many molecular modeling and drug-design methodologies. Expand
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Water use by terrestrial ecosystems: temporal variability in rainforest and agricultural contributions to evapotranspiration in Mato Grosso, Brazil
The state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, has experienced rapid land use changes from the expansion of rain-fed agriculture (primarily soybean and pasture). This study presents changes to evapotranspirationExpand
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Direct and continuous measurement of dissolved carbon dioxide in freshwater aquatic systems—method and applications
Understanding of the processes that control CO2 concentrations in the aquatic environment has been hampered by the absence of a direct method to make continuous measurements over both short- andExpand
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Litterfall production and fluvial export in headwater catchments of the southern Amazon
Resolving the carbon (C) balance in the Amazonian forest depends on an improved quantification of production and losses of particulate C from forested landscapes via stream export. The main goal ofExpand
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