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Effect of androgen on growth hormone secretion and growth in boys with short stature.
The response of plasma growth hormone (GH) to insulin-induced hypoglycaemia (IIH) and arginine infusion (AI) was studied in 22 young males (ages 8 to 17 years) with short atature and absent orExpand
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Relationship of hypothermia to high oxygen poisoning.
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Experimental Hydro-uteri (Hydrometra) in Rodents and Some Factors Determining Their Formation.∗
In mice of the English Silver Strain, and occasionally in other strains there occurs a condition of imperforate vagina which leads to a marked distention of uteri with accumulation of fluid up to 15Expand
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The thyroid and high oxygen poisoning in rats.
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Oxandrolone and human growth hormone. Comparison of growth-stimulating effects in short children.
Six patients with idiopathic hypopituitarism (IHP), one with Hand-Schuller-Christian (HSC) syndrome, and one with Prader-Willi (PW) syndrome were studied, with human growth hormone (hGH) alone (2Expand
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Urolithiasis as a complication of chronic diarrheal disease
SummaryThe case histories of 761 patients with chronic ulcerative colitis, 300 with regional enteritis, and 39 with ilcocolitis were reviewed. Thirty-five patients formed renal stones during theExpand
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Spontaneous thyrotoxicosis in infancy: report of a case.
A 7-month-old child with severe thyrotoxicosis of several month9s duration is presented whose initial symptoms were gastrointestinal disturbances and poor weight gain. She is the sixth reported caseExpand
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Florida's camps for children and youth with diabetes.
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Mechanism of Tumor Inhibition by Estrogen.†
Summary Immature AKD2F1 mice were examined for possible estrogenic inhibition of Sarcoma 1. Large doses of estradiol benzoate inhibited growth of tumor in intact animals and in hysterectomizedExpand
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