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A review of E infinity theory and the mass spectrum of high energy particle physics
The essay outlines the basic conceptual framework of a new space–time theory with application to high energy particle physics. Both achievements and limitations are discussed with direct reference toExpand
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Elementary prerequisites for E-infinity . (Recommended background readings in nonlinear dynamics, geometry and topology)
The present work constitutes a guided tour through the mathematics needed for a proper understanding of E-infinity theory as applied to high energy physics and quantum gravity.
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The Concepts of E Infinity: An elementary introduction to the Cantorian-fractal theory of quantum physics
Abstract The paper is an elementary introduction to the concepts of E Infinity of quantum physics. In the first two paragraphs the main concepts of E Infinity theory and some of the principle resultsExpand
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Rindler space derivation of dark energy
We present a miraculously short derivation of the missing dark energy density of the universe which is in absolute agreement with the most recent accurate cosmological measurements and observations.Expand
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The idealized quantum two-slit gedanken experiment revisited—Criticism and reinterpretation
Abstract An idealized two-slit experiment is envisaged in which the hypothetical experimental set-up is constructed in such a way as to resemble a toy model giving information about the structure ofExpand
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The symplictic vacuum, exotic quasi particles and gravitational instanton
Abstract Various experimental studies conducted in the eighties indicated the existence of certain anomalous positron production which could not be accounted for within the generally acceptedExpand
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l rity Equivalence Relation y with Einstein ’ s Energy Energy
In this paper we utilize some connections between equivalence classe relations and E-infinity theory quotient sp the basic principles of self similarity prominence in science with the advent of ofExpand
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Quantum gravity from descriptive set theory
Abstract We start from Hilbert’s criticism of the axioms of classical geometry and the possibility of abandoning the Archimedean axiom. Subsequently we proceed to the physical possibility of aExpand
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Complex vacuum fluctuation as a chaotic “limit” set of any Kleinian group transformation and the mass spectrum of high energy particle physics via spontaneous self-organization
Abstract First we give an introduction to the E (∞) quantum space-time theory from the point of view of nonlinear dynamics, complexity, string and KAM theory. Subsequently we give without proofExpand
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In the present paper the phenomenon of anomalous positron production is reconsidered. An explanation of the phenomenon via the complex nature of the symplictic vacuum is attempted. This is a vacuum,Expand
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