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Flinders Petrie: A Life in Archaeology
Flinders Petrie has been called the "Father of Modern Egyptology" - and indeed he is one of the pioneers of modern archeological methods. Here Margaret S. Drower, a student of Petrie's in the earlyExpand
A visit to General Pitt-Rivers
The biographer of Flinders Petrie (Flinders Petrie: a life in archaeology, 1985), looking at Petrie family letters, came across this one. It comes not from exotic Egypt, but from domestic Dorset,Expand
Gaston Maspero and the Birth of the Egypt Exploration Fund (1881–3)
In this year in which we are celebrating the centenary of the foundation of the Egypt Exploration Fund, it is fitting that we should record the indebtedness of our society to that great Egyptologist,Expand