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Maximizing the Thermo-Optic Tuning Range of Silicon Photonic Structures
We demonstrate 20 nm thermo-optic tuning in silicon microring resonators with 16 nm free spectral range (FSR), the largest reported full-FSR thermal tuning, with a tuning efficiency of 28 muW/GHz,Expand
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Demonstration of an electronic photonic integrated circuit in a commercial scaled bulk CMOS process
We demonstrate the first photonic chip designed in a commercial bulk CMOS process (65 nm node) using standard process layers combined with scalable post-processing, enabling dense photonicExpand
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Strong-Confinement Microring Resonator Photonic Circuits
Advances in microring-resonator-based photonic structures and novel architectures are described that demonstrate the first low-loss telecom-grade filters, wide tuning, polarization transparency, andExpand
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Reconfigurable multi-channel second-order silicon microring-resonator filterbanks for on-chip WDM systems
We report a precisely tuned and reconfigurable wide-band twenty-channel second-order dual filterbank, with tunable channel spacing and 20 GHz single-channel bandwidth, fabricated on aExpand
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Experimental demonstration of loop-coupled microring resonators for optimally sharp optical filters
We present the first experimental demonstration of recently proposed loop-coupled resonator device concepts, with characteristic transmission zeros, enabling optimally sharp passbands for channelExpand
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Photonic integration in a commercial scaled bulk-CMOS process
  • J. Orcutt, A. Khilo, +11 authors R. Ram
  • Materials Science, Computer Science
  • International Conference on Photonics in…
  • 1 November 2009
We demonstrate the first photonic chip designed for a commercial bulk CMOS process (65 nm node) using standard process layers combined with post-processing, enabling dense photonic integration with high-performance microprocessor electronics. Expand
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Centimeter-scale super-collimation in a large-area 2D photonic crystal
We studied super-collimation in a planar 2D photonic crystal at 1.5 mum wavelengths and observed an inherent robustness to short-scale disorder. A 2 mum-wide beam was propagated over more than 0.5 cmExpand
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Dynamical systems in nanophotonics: From energy efficient modulators to light forces and optomechanics
We demonstrate novel device concepts based on rigorous design of the dynamics of resonant nanophotonic systems, such as dispersionless resonant switches and energy-efficient modulator architectures,Expand