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The Writing of Canadian History: Aspects of English-Canadian Historical Writing: 1900 to 1970 by Carl Berger (review)
worked in the liberal tradition of John Stuart Mill, believing that intellectual analysis of empirical observations could lead to reliable and useful results. He saw advancing industrialism asExpand
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Neonatal stimulation, maternal behavior, and accelerated maturation in BALB/c mice.
An experiment was conducted to examine the effects of neonatal handling and hypothermia on infant physical maturation and growth and on maternal behavior in BALB/c mice. Stringent methodological andExpand
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The Shiners’ War: Social Violence in the Ottawa Valley in the 1830s
BY LATE MAY OF I835 , unrest in Bytown had reached unprecedented proportions. All winter the people of the town, the entrepSt of the Ottawa timber trade, had been bracing themselves, awaiting theExpand
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Response enhancement in children as a function of blocking at different distances from start and goal
Fourteen second- and third-grade boys played a game in which they attempted to fill a tube to various levels with marbles. E blocked their progress at numerous points in an attempt to assess theExpand
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“The waste that lies before me”: The Public and the Private Worlds of Robert Baldwin
Les auteurs nous proposent ici de jeter un nouveau regard sur le personnage de Robert Baldwin, l'un des grands promoteurs de l'instauration du principe de la responsabilite ministerielle au pays.Expand
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