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Modeling, control and simulation of a PV/FC/UC based hybrid power generation system for stand-alone applications
Different energy sources and converters need to be integrated to meet sustained load demands while accommodating various natural conditions. This paper focuses on the integration of photovoltaicExpand
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Load sharing using fuzzy logic control in a fuel cell/ultracapacitor hybrid vehicle
We propose a novel fuzzy logic control algorithm to improve dynamic response of the FC/UC hybrid vehicular power system under various load conditions. Expand
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Modeling, control and simulation of an autonomous wind turbine/photovoltaic/fuel cell/ultra-capacitor hybrid power system
This paper focuses on the combination of wind turbine (WT), photovoltaic (PV), fuel cell (FC) and ultra-capacitor (UC) systems for grid-independent applications. The dynamic behavior of the proposedExpand
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Improved dynamic performance of hybrid PEM fuel cells and ultracapacitors for portable applications
An improved dynamic model considering the characteristics of the temperature and equivalent internal resistance is presented for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells and an ultracapacitor bank. Expand
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Performance of joint transform correlation under varying illumination and noise
The effect of varying the input scene illumination and noise on the performance of binary and fringe-adjusted joint transform correlators (JTCs) has been investigated in this paper. SimulationExpand
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Neural network controller for microturbine power plants
Microturbines (MTs) as alternative energy sources demonstrate high potential to meet user's needs for distributed generation application. Efficient model and controller are essential to understandExpand
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Neural network model of 100 W portable PEM fuel cell and experimental verification
Abstract The inherent properties of artificial neural networks (ANNs) such as low sensitivity to noise and incomplete information make the ANN a promising candidate to model the fuel cell system. InExpand
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Parallel operation characteristics of PEM fuel cell and microturbine power plants
Abstract This paper reports on the dynamic behavior of a 250 kW proton exchange membrane fuel cell power plant (PEM FCPP) and a 250 kW microturbine (MT) when operating in parallel. A load sharingExpand
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Real time fingerprint identification
In this paper, a fingerprint identification system has been developed based on the fringe-adjusted JTC to ensure distortion-invariant fingerprint identification. Expand
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