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Using the mobile phone as Munsell soil-colour sensor: An experiment under controlled illumination conditions
Soil colour has been determined in most cases by using Munsell soil-colour charts, sometimes with spectrometers, and occasionally with digital cameras. The objective here is to assess whether aExpand
Influence of Natural Daylight on Soil Color Description: Assessment Using a Color‐Appearance Model
Soil color is usually described under natural daylight using Munsell charts. Daylight can vary but its effects on the Munsell notation are hardly known. Today, color-appearance models allowExpand
Impact of ski pistes on soil properties: a case study from a mountainous area in the Mediterranean region
In this study, soils on 17 ski pistes in the Sierra Nevada, Spain, were investigated to identify changes induced by ski management practices and also to determine the effectiveness of grass seedingExpand
Soil quality and organic carbon ratios in mountain agroecosystems of South-east Spain
Abstract Soil physical and chemical characteristics as well as climatic and geomorphological factors have been determined in 68 sites of a mountain calcimorphic ecosystem (Sierra Maria-Los VelezExpand
Biochemical properties of range and forest soils in Mediterranean mountain environments
Biochemical properties are at present considered to be the best indicators for assessing soil quality, but their use is limited by the lack of available data, at least for certain ecosystems. In anExpand
Colour variation in standard soil-colour charts
This paper presents colourimetric analyses of 6 standard soil-colour charts (1372 chips) from different manufacturers, editions, and degrees of use. The CIELAB hab, L*, and C*ab were found to haveExpand
Cielab color parameters and their relationship to soil characteristics in Mediterranean red soils
CIELAB color parameters L*, C* ab , h ab and in aggregate surface, aggregate core, and crushed soil samples from 19 Mediterranean red soils were studied. The relationship between these colorExpand
Quantifying the effects of aggregation, particle size and components on the colour of Mediterranean soils
Aggregation, particle size, and chemical composition affect the colour of the soil. We have attempted to quantify and understand these effects in 12 Mediterranean soils. We measured the CIELAB colourExpand
Relationships between chemico-mineralogical composition and color properties in selected natural and calcined Spanish kaolins
Abstract A total of 21 raw, washed and ground Spanish kaolins were studied. Kaolinite, mica, quartz, feldspars and occasionally anatase and analcime were present. Calcined samples in which theExpand