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Large deviations for sticky Brownian motions
We consider n-point sticky Brownian motions: a family of n diffusions that evolve as independent Brownian motions when they are apart, and interact locally so that the set of coincidence times has
Random walk on nonnegative integers in beta distributed random environment
We consider random walks on the nonnegative integers in a space-time dependent random environment. We assume that transition probabilities are given by independent Beta(μ, μ) distributed random
Tracy-Widom Asymptotics for a River Delta Model
We study an oriented first passage percolation model for the evolution of a river delta. This model is exactly solvable and occurs as the low temperature limit of the beta random walk in random
GUE corners process in boundary-weighed six-vertex models
We consider a class of probability distributions on the six-vertex model, which originate from the higher spin vertex models in arXiv:1601.05770 and have previously been investigated in
How much do superspreaders matter? Epidemic dynamics in inhomogeneous populations
The effect of superspreaders on the early growth rate R0 of the infection and on the final epidemic size, the total number of people who are ever infected, are quantified.