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The lossless compression of AVIRIS images by vector quantization
This paper outlines the results of an investigation of lossless vector quantization of 224-band Airborne/Visible Infrared imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) images. Expand
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The vocal sac as a visual cue in anuran communication: an experimental analysis using video playback
Acoustic signals produced by most anurans are accompanied by inflation of a conspicuous vocal sac. We presented female tungara frogs, Physalaemus pustulosus, with acoustic playback of the maleExpand
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Estimation by cross-correlation of the number of nodes in underwater networks
This paper investigates the estimation of the number of signal sources (N) in a region of interest through the cross-correlation of the acoustic signals received at two nodes. Expand
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The Fishbein Extended Model and Consumer Behavior
The theoretical development and empirical research testing the Fishbein “extended” or “behavioral intentions” model are described and evaluated. Discussion of conceptual and methodological strengthsExpand
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Decoupled control of a four-leg inverter via a new 4/spl times/4 transformation matrix
Four-leg (3-phase 4-wire) inverters are developed to power unbalanced/nonlinear three-phase loads. A unique 4/spl times/4 decoupling transformation matrix is used that enables direct transformationExpand
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Fishbein's Intentions Model: A Test of External and Pragmatic Validity
An unobtrusive measure of overt behavior and personal verbal responses is employed to examine the external validity of the Extended or Intentions Model. An application is tested involving the model'sExpand
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Modeling Customer Satisfaction: A Comparative Performance Evaluation of Covariance Structure Analysis Versus Partial Least Squares
Partial least squares (PLS) estimates of structural equation model path coefficients are believed to produce more accurate estimates than those obtained with covariance structure analysis (CVA) usingExpand
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A New Centrosaurine from the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada, and the Evolution of Parietal Ornamentation in Horned Dinosaurs
In 1916, a centrosaurine dinosaur bonebed was excavated within the Campanian-aged deposits of what is now Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada. Specimens from this now-lost quarry, including twoExpand
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Modeling of multileg sine-wave inverters: a geometric approach
Three fundamental sine-wave inverter topologies are analyzed: two-leg (one-phase, two-wire); three-leg and four-leg. Expand
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A high performance sine wave inverter controller with capacitor current feedback and "back-EMF" decoupling
  • M. Ryan, R. Lorenz
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  • Proceedings of PESC '95 - Power Electronics…
  • 18 June 1995
This paper presents a state space approach to the problem of controlling a single phase PWM inverter with an LC output filter. These types of inverter are often used in uninterruptable power suppliesExpand
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