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Computational Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring
The increased level of activity on structural health monitoring (SHM) in various universities and research labs has resulted in the development of new methodologies for both identifying the existingExpand
Frequency-wavenumber domain analysis of guided wavefields.
Full wavefield measurements obtained with either an air-coupled transducer mounted on a scanning stage or a scanning laser vibrometer can be combined with effective signal and imaging processingExpand
Vibration and sound radiation of sandwich beams with honeycomb truss core
Abstract The vibrations of and the sound radiation from sandwich beams with truss core are analyzed. The structure of the core is composed of a sequence of identical unit cells repeating along theExpand
Frequency‐Wavenumber Domain Filtering for Improved Damage Visualization
This paper presents a technique for the analysis of full wavefield data in the wavenumber/frequency domain as an effective tool for damage detection, visualization and characterization. FullExpand
Phononic properties of hexagonal chiral lattices
Abstract The manuscript reports the outcome of investigations on the phononic properties of a chiral cellular structure. The considered geometry features in-plane hexagonal symmetry, whereby circularExpand
Floquet–Bloch decomposition for the computation of dispersion of two-dimensional periodic, damped mechanical systems ☆
Floquet–Bloch theorem is widely applied for computing the dispersion properties of periodic structures, and for estimating their wave modes and group velocities. The theorem allows reducingExpand
Non-reciprocal elastic wave propagation in spatiotemporal periodic structures
We study longitudinal and transverse wave propagation in beams with elastic properties that are periodically varying in space and time. Spatiotemporal modulation of the elastic properties breaksExpand
Design of tunable acoustic metamaterials through periodic arrays of resonant shunted piezos
Periodic shunted piezoelectric patches are employed for the design of a tunable, one-dimensional metamaterial. The configuration considered encompasses a beam undergoing longitudinal and transverseExpand
Attenuation and localization of wave propagation in rods with periodic shunted piezoelectric patches
Shunted piezoelectric patches are periodically placed along rods to control the longitudinal wave propagation in these rods. The resulting periodic structure is capable of filtering the propagationExpand