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CHCHD10 mutations promote loss of mitochondrial cristae junctions with impaired mitochondrial genome maintenance and inhibition of apoptosis
CHCHD10‐related diseases include mitochondrial DNA instability disorder, frontotemporal dementia‐amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (FTD‐ALS) clinical spectrum, late‐onset spinal motor neuropathy (SMAJ),Expand
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Biosynthesis and roles of phospholipids in mitochondrial fusion, division and mitophagy
Abstract Mitochondria move, fuse and divide in cells. The dynamic behavior of mitochondria is central to the control of their structure and function. Three conserved mitochondrial dynamin-relatedExpand
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Parkin suppresses Drp1-independent mitochondrial division.
The cycle of mitochondrial division and fusion disconnect and reconnect individual mitochondria in cells to remodel this energy-producing organelle. Although dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1) plays aExpand
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Mitochondrial division and fusion in metabolism.
Mitochondria govern many metabolic processes. In addition, mitochondria sense the status of metabolism and change their functions to regulate energy production, cell death, and thermogenesis. RecentExpand
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PARK2/Parkin becomes critical when DNM1L/Drp1 is absent
Maintaining mitochondrial dynamics and proper execution of mitophagy is crucial for sustaining cellular health. Defects in these processes have been linked to cardiovascular diseases andExpand
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Composite Reinforcement Architectures: A Review of Field-Assisted Additive Manufacturing for Polymers
The demand for additively manufactured polymer composites with increased specific properties and functional microstructure has drastically increased over the past decade. The ability to manufactureExpand
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Role of the sodium pump in auditory function of Drosophila melanogaster
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globule using Horiba JY HR Lab Ram laser micro Raman spectrometer (peak at 1333.29 cm) and b) Spectra of another similar spos obtained using STR-300 micro-Raman spectrometer (peak at 1331.783cm).Expand