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Bonds of the dead : temples, burial, and the transformation of contemporary Japanese Buddhism
Despite popular images of priests seeking enlightenment in snow-covered mountain temples, the central concern of Japanese Buddhism is death. For that reason, Japanese Buddhism's social and economicExpand
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Japanese Temple Buddhism: Worldliness in a Religion of Renunciation
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.) Stephen G. Covell, Japanese Temple Buddhism: Worldliness in a Religion of Renunciation Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2006, 256 pp. $25.00Expand
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Conversations Across Continents: Teaching Business Ethics Online
The paper focuses on an online business ethics course that three professors (Painter-Morland, Fontrodona and Hoffman) taught together, and in which the fourth author (Rowe) participated as a student,Expand
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Linking the RACGP curriculum to vocational education.
Regional training providers face many challenges in delivering vocational training to general practice registrars across Australia. They need to be able to respond to new learning theories and theExpand
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Getting governance right for a sustainable regionalised business model
The 1998 Ministerial Review of General Practice Training identified several areas for improvement that led to major changes in the provision of general practice training, including the establishmentExpand
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The Ethics Officer as Agent of the Board: Leveraging Ethical Governance Capability in the Post-Enron Corporation
Professor of Business and Professional Ethics at Bentley College, as well as the senior partner of Hoffman Rowe, a Boston-based business ethics and corporate responsibility consulting firm. Mark RoweExpand
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For Club and Country: Taking Football Disorder Abroad
This article draws upon data collated from September 1999 until June 2000, which relates to 40 games played in continental Europe involving the English national team and English club sides.Expand
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Stickers for nails : The ongoing transformation of roles, rites, and symbols in Japanese funerals
This article traces the effects of modern commercial ritual spaces and new crematoriums on the meaning and structure of contemporary Japanese funerals. The widening physical separation between theExpand
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