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A novel ultrasensitive aptasensor based on silver nanoparticles measured via enhanced voltammetric response of electrochemical reduction of riboflavin as redox probe for cocaine detection
Abstract A novel, simple and selective aptasensor for ultrasensitive detection of the addictive drug, cocaine, is developed using the electrochemical transduction method. The aptasensor is
On-line flow injection solid phase extraction using imprinted polymeric nanobeads for the preconcentration and determination of mercury ions
Abstract This work reports a new analytical method for the preconcentration and determination of Hg 2+ ions based on flow injection technique coupled with a solid phase extraction process. Hg 2+ ion
Using silver nanoparticle and thiol graphene quantum dots nanocomposite as a substratum to load antibody for detection of hepatitis C virus core antigen: Electrochemical oxidation of riboflavin was
The immunosensor provides a convenient, low-cost and simple method for HCV core antigen detection and proposes new horizons for quantitative detection of antigen in the clinical diagnosis.
Designing an ultra-sensitive aptasensor based on an AgNPs/thiol-GQD nanocomposite for TNT detection at femtomolar levels using the electrochemical oxidation of Rutin as a redox probe.
It seems that the proposed strategy can be expanded to other nanoparticles and is expected to have promising implications in the design of electrochemical sensors or biosensors for the detection of various targets.
Development of a highly selective voltammetric sensor for nanomolar detection of mercury ions using glassy carbon electrode modified with a novel ion imprinted polymeric nanobeads and multi-wall
Abstract This work reports a voltammetric sensor for selective recognition and sensitive determination of mercury ions using glassy carbon (GC) electrode modified with a novel ion imprinted polymeric
Thermal Behavior and Non-Isothermal Kinetic Studies on Titanium Hydride–Fueled Binary Pyrotechnic Compositions
This study describes thermochemical properties and ignition characteristics of pyrotechnic compositions consisting of TiH2 + KClO3, TiH2 + KClO4, and TiH2 + Ba(NO3)2, where titanium hydride is used
A highly selective and sensitive cocaine aptasensor based on covalent attachment of the aptamer-functionalized AuNPs onto nanocomposite as the support platform.
The potential of the aptasensor was successfully applied for measuring cocaine concentration in human blood serum and the present method is absolutely beneficial in developing other electrochemical aptas sensor.
Non-enzymatic glucose detection free of ascorbic acid interference using nickel powder and nafion sol–gel dispersed renewable carbon ceramic electrode
A new enzymeless glucose sensor has been fabricated by a nickel powder dispersed sol–gel derived ceramic graphite composite. The electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose in alkaline medium directly at
Ultra-sensitive aptasensor based on a GQD nanocomposite for detection of hepatitis C virus core antigen.
Such an aptasensor opens a rapid, selective and sensitive route for HCV core antigen detection and provides a promising strategy for potential applications in clinical diagnostics.
Novel approach for electrochemical preparation of sulfur nanoparticles
AbstractAn electrochemical method is presented for the preparation of sulfur nanoparticles (S-NPs) from thiosulfate ion. The particle size of the S-NPs can be adjusted between 35 and 65 nm by varying