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Metabolism, Critical Oxygen Tension, and Habitat Selection in Darters (Etheostoma)
Six species of darters (Etheostoma) were studied in the field and laboratory to relate respiration to habitat selection. The species ranged in habitat preference from a fast—water form (EtheostomaExpand
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Predictors of injecting and injecting risk-taking behaviour among methadone-maintenance clients.
A sample of 222 methadone maintenance clients were interviewed regarding current injecting and needle risk-taking in order to ascertain factors associated with these behaviours. Just over half (55%)Expand
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Temperature and Substrate Influences on Habitat Selection in Two Pleurocerid Snails (Goniobasis)
Goniobasis cahawbensis and G. carinifera are sympatric in Big Sandy Creek, Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama, with G. cahawbensis being found throughout large sections of the creek where temperatures rangedExpand
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Assembly of bacteriophage T7. Dimensions of the bacteriophage and its capsids.
The dimensions of bacteriophage T7 and T7 capsids have been investigated by small-angle x-ray scattering. Phage T7 behaves like a sphere of uniform density with an outer radius of 301 +/- 2 AExpand
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Health effects of mineral dusts other than asbestos
This article reviews the health effects from occupational exposure to mineral dusts. Citations include those providing both clinical evidence of disease and support by epidemiological data. In manyExpand
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Inbreeding in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean (Quebec, Canada): a study of Catholic Church dispensations 1842-1971.
Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean (SLSJ) is a rather geographically isolated region of Quebec which shows a high occurrence of hereditary disorders. It has been suggested that high inbreeding might explain thisExpand
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Bias in Social Work Intervention with Battered Women
A total of 149 social workers from 21 social service agencies responded to questions regarding a client after reading one of six possible case vignettes. The results indicate that social workersExpand
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Drug use, HIV risk-taking and psychosocial correlates of benzodiazepine use among methadone maintenance clients.
Methadone maintenance clients who used benzodiazepines were compared with other methadone maintenance clients on a range of drug use and psychosocial treatment outcome measures. Despite being onExpand
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Benzodiazepine use and HIV risk-taking behaviour among injecting drug users.
This paper examines the prevalence of benzodiazepine use, and its relationship to other drug use and HIV risk-taking among a sample of 1245 injecting drug users (IDU). Approximately a third (36.6%)Expand
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Patterns of drug use and risk-taking among injecting amphetamine and opioid drug users in Sydney, Australia.
Data are presented on the patterns of drug use and HIV risk-taking of daily amphetamine and opioid injectors among 1245 injecting drug users who were interviewed in Sydney in 1989. About one-third ofExpand
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