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Narrative analysis as a strategy for understanding interview talk in geographic research
Narrative analysis produces strategies to inform the conduct, interpretation and presentation of interview talk, and encourages and enables researchers to take account of research participants’ ownExpand
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Strong export of Antarctic Bottom Water east of the Kerguelen plateau
Deep western boundary currents east of the Antarctic Peninsula and the Kerguelen plateau are important pathways for transporting deep Antarctic water masses to the global ocean. An array of mooredExpand
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Ocean heat drives rapid basal melt of the Totten Ice Shelf
Inflow of warm water drives rapid melt of the Totten Ice Shelf, demonstrating that this sector of East Antarctica is exposed to ocean heat. Mass loss from the West Antarctic ice shelves and glaciersExpand
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The Australian Integrated Marine Observing System Southern Ocean Time Series facility
The CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, University of Tasmania, and Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC operate the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) Southern Ocean Time Series (SOTS) facilityExpand
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Antarctic Circumpolar Current transport and barotropic transition at Macquarie Ridge
Theory and numerical simulations suggest that topographic interactions are central to the dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), but few observations are available to test these ideas.Expand
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Health geography III
This report is organized around a set of topics that have dominated much of the recent literature in health geography: the importance of neighbourhoods, green spaces/blue spaces, density,Expand
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Health geography II
Over the years, various observers of health geography have sought to ‘divide’ the sub-discipline mainly along theoretical lines or to argue for a broadening of its theoretical base. Paralleling theExpand
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Estornino negro – Sturnus unicolor Temminck, 1820
Aves - Orden Passeriformes - Familia Sturnidae en la Enciclopedia Virtual de Vertebrados Espanoles, http://www.vertebradosibericos.org/. Versiones anteriores: 20-06-2003; 9-02-2007; 7-03-2008;Expand
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Teaching medical geography
Abstract A ‘Teaching Medical Geography’ workshop was held at the 1994 Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), co‐sponsored by the Medical Geography Specialty Group of the AAG andExpand
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Responding to complex societal challenges: A decade of Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) interdisciplinary research
The Earth system is an integrated, self-regulating system under increasing pressure from anthropogenic transformation. The Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP), which was established by theExpand
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