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Improvement of stance control and muscle performance induced by focal muscle vibration in young-elderly women: a randomized controlled trial.
UNLABELLED Filippi GM, Brunetti O, Botti FM, Panichi R, Roscini M, Camerota F, Cesari M, Pettorossi VE. Improvement of stance control and muscle performance induced by focal muscle vibration in
Improvement of posture stability by vibratory stimulation following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
It is concluded that short lasting proprioceptive activation by vibration may lead to a faster and more complete equilibrium recovery probably by permanently changing the network controlling knee posture.
Focal vibration of quadriceps muscle enhances leg power and decreases knee joint laxity in female volleyball players.
Combined bilateral voluntary contraction and rMV of the quadriceps muscles is a short-lasting, non-invasive technique that can significantly and persistently improve muscle performance and knee laxity in volleyball women players.
The emerging role of the inwardly rectifying K+ channels in autism spectrum disorders and epilepsy
The genetic analysis of two unrelated families resulted in the identification of new heterozygous point mutations in the KCNJ10 gene that encodes the inwardly-rectifying K channel Kir4.1, which exhibited a phenotype consistent with gain-offunction defects in autism spectrum disorders associated with epilepsy.
Auditory perception is influenced by the orientation of the trunk relative to a sound source.
The study investigated how hearing depends on the whole body, head and trunk orientation relative to a sound source and found that auditory threshold was increased and logatome recognition was impaired when the body or the trunk were rotated 40° away from a sound Source.
Disruption of self-motion perception without vestibular reflex alteration in ménière's disease.
Asymmetric rotation reveals disruption of self-motion perception in MD patients during the post-ictal interval, even in the absence of ocular reflex impairment.