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The association of DNA and stable catanionic amino acid-based vesicles
Cationic surfactants associate strongly to DNA and compact but are often toxic. The interaction of some novel cationic amino acid-based surfactants, which may enhance transfection and appear to beExpand
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DNA-cationic surfactant interactions are different for double- and single-stranded DNA.
The stability of DNA in solution and the phase behavior in mixtures with dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide (DTAB) were investigated. By means of circular dichroism, UV absorption, and differentialExpand
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DNA–cationic amphiphile interactions
DNA shows strong interactions with cationic cosolutes and these have both biological and technological significance. We outline our research on various mixed systems of DNA and cationic amphiphilesExpand
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DNA encapsulation by biocompatible catanionic vesicles.
The encapsulation of DNA by catanionic vesicles has been investigated; the vesicles are composed of one cationic surfactant, in excess, and one anionic. Since cationic systems are often toxic, weExpand
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Spontaneous formation of vesicles and dispersed cubic and hexagonal particles in amino acid-based catanionic surfactant systems.
Mixed catanionic surfactant systems based on amino acids were investigated with respect to the formation of liquid crystal dispersions and the stability of the dispersions. The surfactants used wereExpand
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DNA-Surfactant interactions, compaction, condensation, decompaction and phase separation
Recent investigations-of the interaction between DNA and alkyltrimethyl ammonium bromides of various chain lengths are reviewed. Several techniques have been used such as phase map determinations,Expand
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DNA pre-condensation with an amino acid-based cationic amphiphile. A viable approach for liposome-based gene delivery
A study related to the development and characterization of a new gene delivery system was performed. The approach consists in both the pre-condensation of plasmid DNA with an arginine-based cationicExpand
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Colloidal systems in DNA packaging
The interaction between DNA and cationic cosolutes- multivalent ions, cationic surfactants and cationic macromolecules- has direct biological implications and is also foreseen to have a number ofExpand
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Colloidal systems in DNA packaging : phase behaviour, structure and applications
Tese de doutoramento em Quimica (Quimica Macromolecular) apresentada a Fac. de Ciencias e Tecnologia de Coimbra
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