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Revisiting the Common Myths about Homeschooling
(2006). Revisiting the Common Myths about Homeschooling. The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas: Vol. 79, No. 3, pp. 125-129.
Meeting the Unique Needs of the Children of Migrant Farm Workers
he migrant population is the most undereducated major subgroup in the United States. The high school dropout rate of the children of migrant farm workers is 43 percent, higher than any other group inExpand
Common Arguments about the Strengths and Limitations of Home Schooling
Today in American culture, few people are unfamiliar with home schooling. Most either know someone who home schools their children or have heard of a family that has selected this increasinglyExpand
Factors that Impact Student Usage of the Learning Management System in Qatari Schools.
ictQATAR Grant (Grant # QUEX SCICT 09 1011) and Qatar University Internal Grant (Grant # QUDF-EDU-10 11 4).
Through the Eyes of Teachers: High School Teachers' Experiences with Character Education
ABSTRACT Americans are troubled by what they perceive as a societal moral decline, and schools have responded with the implementation of character education programs. This study examines teachers'Expand
What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: Textbook Omissions and 9/11
This study examines nine secondary American history textbooks' treatment of 9/11 and related events. Through the use of content analysis, the study centers on the knowledge omitted from textbookExpand
Through the Eyes of Students: High School Students' Perspectives on Character Education
ABSTRACT The heightened interest in schools contributing to the formation of character through character education has surfaced as a national dialogue. This study examines the students' perspectiveExpand
Problems of Bias in History Textbooks.
Americans place great faith in textbooks as a means of providing their children with an understanding of American history. To a significant extent, textbooks define and determine what is important inExpand
Teacher Perceptions of Professional Development in the Context of National Educational Reform: The Case of Qatar
In light of nationally mandated educational changes in Qatar, this study investigates in-service teachers' perceptions of professional development (PD). The aims are to identify challenges facingExpand