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Exemplarity in Roman Culture: The Cases of Horatius Cocles and Cloelia
  • M. Roller
  • History
  • Classical Philology
  • 1 January 2004
n discussing exempla , it seems fitting to begin with an example of one. In a celebrated passage, Polybius describes for Greek readership some of the ejqismoÇ —habits or customs—that enabled theExpand
Color-Blindness: Cicero's Death, Declamation, and the Production of History
  • M. Roller
  • History
  • Classical Philology
  • 1 April 1997
T HIS PAPER IS, most broadly, a study in the writing of history; specifically it is a case study of the writing of Cicero's death by authors ancient and modern. It examines the techniques by whichExpand
Demolished Houses, Monumentality, and Memory in Roman Culture
This article examines the tradition of punitive house demolition during the Roman Republic, but from a sociocultural rather than institutional-legal perspective. Exploiting recent scholarship on theExpand
Ethical Contradiction and the Fractured Community in Lucan's "Bellum Civile"
Lucan9s "Bellum Civile" is a poem filled with ethical contradictions. This paper contends that at least some of these contradictions can be traced to competing views regarding the composition of theExpand
Dining Posture in Ancient Rome: Bodies, Values, and Status
In Matthew Roller’s introduction to Dining Posture in Ancient Rome, he notes that Roman dining practices have become a subject of great interest to classical scholars in recent years. He has chosenExpand