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Cactus seed germination: a review
The present review tries to give a general overview of the available information on cactus seed germination. First, information about the family Cactaceae is discussed, concerning aspects such asExpand
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Seed Biology of Palms: A Review
2200 (Johnson 1996) and 2600 (Jones 1995) species distributed throughout tropical and subtropical areas. Very little is known about the seed biology of most of these species. Scientific research hasExpand
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Seed germination of wild and cultivated Stenocereus stellatus (Cactaceae) from the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley, Central México
Abstract Germination rate and percentage, and seed weight were compared among wild and cultivated populations of the columnar cactus Stenocereus stellatus to analyse the effect of domestication onExpand
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Seed germination responses of Cereus jamacaru DC. ssp. jamacaru (Cactaceae) to environmental factors.
In the present study, we assessed the seed germination responses of Cereus jamacaru DC. ssp. jamacaru (Cactaceae) to environmental factors. The seeds were collected from an area within Caatinga, aExpand
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Effect of light on germination of seven species of cacti from the Zapotitlán Valley in Puebla, México
Abstract Seed germination of seven species of cacti from Zapotitlan Valley, Puebla, Mexico, were compared at four different light treatments (red light, far-red light, white light and darkness) at aExpand
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Breaking seed dormancy in Opuntia rastrera from the Chihuahuan desert
Abstract In this paper, we investigated if germination of after-ripened seeds of Opuntia rastrera Weber could be enhanced using chemical (acid) and mechanical scarification pretreatments. O. rastreraExpand
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Seed size and photoblastism in species belonging to tribe Cacteae (Cactaceae)
The response of seed germination towards light and the relationship to seed traits has been studied particularly well in tropical forests. Several authors have shown a clear adaptive response of seedExpand
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Are cactus growth forms related to germination responses to light? A test using Echinopsis species
In this study, we investigated the effect of light regimen (white light vs. darkness) on the germination of 12 species of the Echinopsis genus (tribe Trichocereeae, Cactaceae). This genus presents aExpand
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Abstract Seed germination of 4 species of Mammillaria (Cactaceae) from the Tehuacán-Cui-catlán Valley in central México were compared at 4 light treatments (red, far-red, white light, and darkness)Expand
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Comparison of light-regulated seed germination in Ficus spp. and Cecropia obtusifolia: ecological implications.
The major components of annual seed deposition in the rain forest at Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, México are seeds of the pioneer tree species Cecropia obtusifolia and those of some species of Ficus.Expand
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